Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    This past week two of my dearest friends came to visit.  Their trips were planned separately from each other, but they ended up being here on the same days!  Exactly five years ago, Hailey and I visited Jess (in the middle) and her husband who lived in D.C. at the time.  Now two more weddings and SIX kids later, we all met up again and had a refreshing dose of hanging out with the girls.  I was friends with both of these ladies before nursing school, but then we all were in the nursing program together.  It made school very enjoyable.
When Hailey arrived, the airport lost her carseat so they gave her a brand new one to use (and keep) while they found hers.  We didn't fit in our very compact car with a toddler carseat and two baby seats, so Adam used his sawsall and zapped the handle right off of the carseat.  Whala!  It fit!  Then we hit the town.
We checked out just about every baby boutique that you could at a very mild pace.  
It was a very different trip than our past ones as we catered to our sweet babes.  We would go out and sometimes the babies got naps, and other times they let us know they were so done with the fun.

Georgetown made for a perfect afternoon.  Adam was home with Caroline while she napped and I had a lovely date with Olive.  What a dreamboat, truly.  I felt a little guilty at how free I felt.  Not having to call out to Caroline to come out of the clothing racks.  Not playing hide and seek while trying to shop.  It was nice, I'm not gonna lie.  The comical thing is we made it to one store, yes only one, but a great one- H &M.  We took our time, let the babies play and lie on the floor while we tried on clothes and laughed at how some of the items looked on.

Lunch was divine and we sat right by the windows and just people watched as we chatted and ate.  Again, the babies were content on our laps.  We had many stares and full on laughs at us as we walked around with our little ones strapped to our front.  I guess the three of us in line was kindof a sight.  One lady full on stopped and just stared.  After a minute she said, "Wow, you must be joking!"
We hit Old Town a couple of times, and ate at an old time favorite restaurant, Cosi, where the bread is addictive and you can roast marshmellows and make s'mores at your table. We hit the Eastern Market where Hailey scored a stylish purse and Jess found a juicy apple and some earrings.  That is a risky place to go with a 3 year old!
When we weren't out on the town we cooked, crafted, and Adam, Hai, and I talked for hours.  
She was such a good sport to even come to our trunk or treat.

We are so glad that you both came to visit and can't wait for you to come again!!


Adam B said...

Cute pics babe! Thanks for sharing all the fun that you have while I am working away. I am glad that Haley and Jess could come out for a visit and brighten your week. Love ya!

Sarah Z said...

How fun is that?! Sounds like a pleasant getaway...

Mary said...

Cute headband (from our trip to H&M). Some people can be so rude. They just don't get that kids are the best and it's fun to take them around. So glad that Jess and Hayley could come and at the same time which is terrific!

Michelle said...

Agh! I miss u and hailey sooo much!!! Looks like you guys had a blast! When do I get my invite??

Gardner's said...

what a blast!! i loved every minute of this trip!! can't wait to see you over christmas. i am slightly envious that you live in MY favortie city!!