Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A festive day at Pumpkinville

A few days ago my neighbor called at 8:30 and said she had some plans in the works to head to Pumpkinville.  She was leaving at 8:50 and I was so in.  So with me still in workout clothes, Olive in jammies, and Caroline dressed for a royal ball, we had some serious hurrying to do!  We quickly dressed, made lunches, grabbed the camera and headed out the door.  (It ended up I didn't have enough hands for Olive and the camera so Miranda was great to take some incredible pictures of the morning.)

The rush was so worth it!  We were pleasantly surprised by the endless fun we had, and not to mention, some random things we saw (like monkeys and zebras!)

The kids were just dying to get in the pens with the animals, but luckily couldn't quite figure out how to do it.
So a little smoochin' and feeding,
and waving  to the animals from outside the pens sufficed.
This little one jumped right on the slide and headed down by herself.  I thought it was going to end in tears, but it was the complete opposite.  
The slides were so appealing, we all had to take a turn!
Olive was strapped in the front pack the entire time, but loved a little bounce house time.  These things were all over and Caroline broke in every one.
We all enjoyed the relaxing, long hay ride toward the end of our festive morning.  
If all of these activities don't lure us back to Pumpkinville (which they will) then maybe the all-you-can-eat apples and sweet cider will! 


Mary said...

How fun!!!! It's so fun that there are all these activities and a great neighbor and friend you can go with, with the kids.

Corinne said...

What fun! I love the one of her going down the slide...soooo adorable! She looks cute in her new matilda jane!

The Hilton Family~ said...

I love all the pics! and Caroline's shirt is to die for! Love it :) What a fun morning. I think those spur-the-moment outings truly are the best :)

Becky said...

Andrea - you are the sweetest mom! I love reading about your family and how much you adore you darling girls.

And I love Caroline's glasses. She could not be cuter.


Here And Happy! said...

Oooh oooh! Can the grandboos be enticed back to Pumpkinville duing our visit? That slide photo is priceless!