Thursday, June 21, 2012

Look Who's Five!

After being here for six weeks, we are finally in our home.  We were in a few weeks ago, but had to leave again because the odor from the hardwood floors was too strong to be around.  Even after it was probably ok to sleep inside, I was just nervous about breathing in anything harmful through the night, so we decided to sleep under the stars in our backyard.  It was one of the best nights sleep I've had, even with a little sprinkle of rain!

We stayed with both of our gracious parents who gladly open their homes to us.  Thank you for all of your help you guys, we are so so lucky to have you!!
It has been exhausting, and my mood was starting to turn a bit sour with moving all over and having to kind of move our things out again after they were put in place.  Also, I must be screaming EASY TARGET because someone also got into our stuff and stole some things from my drawer.  Remember when we lived in New York last summer and my phone was taken?  Well, I need to toughen up my look or something because I hate feeling so violated.

Anyway, the girls and I have all been on edge, but I think we are through the roughest transition.  Olive was so wiped out working on the house every day that she couldn't even move the book before falling asleep.  Olive has been off the binky for about 3 weeks and it was a pretty seamless weaning!  We cut to snips in the end of the binky and gave it to her one night as usual.  She put it in her mouth and started sucking on it.  I thought the trick had failed, but after our bedtime book, she took it out and gave the binky the most disgusted look.  She told us it was broken and she needed another one.  We gladly handed her another one, snipped as well, and she went to bed sans binky!!

The Thomas cousins and the girls enjoyed all of the boxes lying around.  We are so glad to only have a few left that are a little playhouse for the girls now :)

Luckily, we were settled permanently in the house just in time to celebrate our big C's 5th birthday!  It was seriously one of the best. parties. ever.  Not because I did anything extra special, she made it that way!  She was dying to help decorate, set up the food, and planned her cake.  It was easy peasy which I totally needed.  She and Olive hung up the balloons all over the yard and set up plates and cups and even the birthday banner.  Her excitement was completely contagious.
She was so thrilled about every gift she opened,  and she made everyone feel so good about their choice in gift.  

 The unicorn pillow pet has been a request since she was 3, and she said that receiving it was "more than she ever could have dreamed!"  She seriously kills me with her one liners. be with family was just perfect.  She has eaten up every minute and has picked up right where she left off with cousins.

 The girls have had a lot of practice getting ready for our sweet little babe (coming in less than two weeks) by holding Nora every chance they get.  I have loved snuggling Nora too and hope that some easy going vibes transfer to our baby just like sweet Nora.

Olive was pumped to be at the party as you can see.  Actually she was because Adam and I just let her wear her p.j.'s and princess dress that she had been in going on day 3.  

The punch balloons were totally the thrill of the party!  Luckily I had them because it was too cold to do the water balloon pinata.

A lot of them were blown up a bit too big and so we had some pop.  Luckily the cousins could get a smile back on the tearful birthday girls face!

Adam and his sweet dad that has stayed countless late nights to do whatever tasks have needed to be done on the house.

Caroline's bday baby as we call it (someone with the same birthday) is our dear friends little girl Ava.  We attended her party later in the week and had a fabulous celebration!

It was a bumble bee party and Caroline insisted on dressing the colors of the theme.

The little ones were actually a pretty good aim at the pinata.  They just hit it over and over and luckily some of the bigger kids had the umph to break it open for some candy!

Olive was so pleased with her Laffy Taffy find.  She couldn't believe she got to keep it and munch on it.

Happy Birthday to our little girl who's happiness is contagious and brightens anybodies day!
She makes friends with anyone she meets and protects her little sister fiercely.  
She loves to read and do math and really is enjoying discovering bugs!  
She is always singing and dancing around the house is super easy to tickle.
She makes the best banners, even if we are just coming home from the dentist.
She helps us all to be better people because she is a shining example to us.
We adore you Caroline Ella!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father to Celebrate!

We couldn't be more excited than to celebrate our babe dad Adam today!  He is someone that the girls and I learn from every day, little small lessons on ways to be simply magnificent.  Truly, we couldn't have someone better to be beside us every day.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude that our girls have him to look up to and to have in their life.  Even though it seems that the past whirlwind of three years has been nonstop busy, he has taken the little extra time he has had to be silly with them, explore new places, cuddle up and read countless books to them, teach them from example about loving the gospel, and calm any sadness when emotions are high.

We are so proud that he graduated a month ago after three years of pure intensity!
He has worked so hard and it has been so fun to watch him just dive in to all opportunities that have come along.  We love you babe!
Happy Father's Day AND Graduation!!!!