Friday, May 29, 2009

The Wave

Over Memorial Day weekend we headed south to areas between Kanab, Utah and Page, AZ. There is an amazing hike there, the Wave, and we were excited to try for a chance to get permits to hike it. Well after two days of trying, our little bingo ball with our number on it got picked! We couldn't believe it, especially on such a busy weekend.
We enjoyed a lot of other things while down there. We drove through flooded roads in Page on Friday and watched sand and dirt slide onto the roads, blocking them. The rain didn't hinder our fun though, we took a tour of Glen Canyon Dam and watched waterfalls pour over the canyon from the rain! We also visited Antelope Canyon which was also picturesque.
Thanks Dad for planning such a fabulous trip. I will so miss these times when we move.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day was incredible. I adore my mom so much! She has always gone above and beyond for her children, trying to help us in any way she can. I am lucky to say that she is one of my best friends and I want to learn how to do all of the amazing things she can do!...knit, crochet, sew, cook, sing like the angels!, calligraphy, draw, decorate. You name it! Also, I love being a mom. Yes, it makes me very emotional because I love Caroline so much, but is there anything more tender? I tried reading "Love you Forever" (the book with the little boy playing in toilet paper on the cover) to Caroline and couldn't get the words out, just tears. This is my favorite job ever!!
It was so fun to be together on Mother's Day. The kids enjoyed playing outside in the nice weather and relaxing on the hammock.

The grandkids also did the tradition of making popcorn with Grandpa. They have a little ritual that the kids make sure stays the same every time. Caroline now pulls out the popper at home and after it is popped she says, "Budder" because Grandpa really likes his butter!

The day ended with the enjoyment of the chocolate fountain and watching Corinne and Clark get into a chocolate brawl. It was quite the show and both of them ended up with big chocolate smiles on their faces after!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friday's fab five...a bit late

Even though it's late, it was a great week last week so I have to post!
1- Caroline is as active as ever and her thing right now is "Circles". She'll say that and then spin around many, many times and try to walk after. Adam and I have been rolling laughing, as we watch her dive for the floor, run into the love sac, and we've had to monitor when she gets close to the fireplace, etc. I love her energy and excitement.
2- Adam called Friday and said, "coming soon to a park near you.." He and Caroline had found a great park very close to my work and had me come over to meet them for lunch. It made me so excited that I cried, I thought it was so sweet.
3- I enjoyed Mother's Day all weekend and died when I came home from work Friday and Adam had cleaned our place, every inch, every piece of clothing, you name it. I didn't have to lift a finger all weekend!
4- Happy Birthday to brother-in-law Dave! We think Dave is pretty cool because he and Emily play in a band that is really good. He is very talented with music. I also still daydream about their unreal wedding in Moab, it was the best!
5- Oh, yes, and we did one of my favorite things this week....Yardwork. I am obsessed with yardwork once I start. It is so rewarding and fun to see the instant beautiful outcome. We take care of the yard at the house we rent out to people, maybe someday we will live there, I am in love with it. It's great too because Caroline was having fun pulling weeds and putting them in her bucket.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

This picture is several months old, but when I came across it, I had to post it because I LOVE the people in the picture! I also thought that many people would enjoy this fun memory. This is the gang from the Operating Room and it's a baby shower for our dear friend, Melinda. Working in the O.R. was one of the most fun things I have ever done. I do miss it sometimes...but then other times I think of certain doctors or doing a bowel obstruction case and I am just fine.
But truly, first of all, I met the love of my life there..and what a hottie in scrubs, second, I went into labor with Caroline during a heart surgery in O.R. 15, and there were endless laughs throughout work with all of the fabulous people we worked with.
Someone have a baby or get married soon, I miss y'all!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five!

This was one of the best weeks ever!...
1- Baby Samuel Alvin Thomas was born which makes 4 boys in Erin and Jon's (Adam's sister) family! He is darling and has extreme amounts of hair. Caroline was so excited to see baby Samuel and was very sweet with him. Congrats to the Thomas fam!
2- Happy Birthday to Corinne! Corinne is the best and we really are a lot alike, the good and the crazy. We are both hyper, extreme worry warts at times, shopping isn't half bad, and people say we look alike. I have wanted to be like her ever since elementary when I would try to wear her clothes that were too big for me. She is the best mom and I love hanging out with her!
3- Our nephew Luke is 7! Happy Birthday you Indiana Jones fanatic! We love Luke so, so much, from repeating "5 dollar footlong" over and over while eating one, to when he picked up some lint when Corinne asked him to help clean up and said, "My hands are full mom." (Mind you, that was long ago.) He has the sweetest little voice and smile!
Also, Happy Birthday to nephew Caleb! He now has a brother younger than him, Samuel and he is so sweet. His personality is coming out and he has some amazing dance moves!! He and Caroline are only 2 months apart so we love watching them interact.
4- Happy Birthday to Blake! He has been so good to us, he and Gae put up with us for a year when we lived with them and were able to finish school. He is always willing to help everyone and anyone with whatever they need, moving, roofing, putting in windows, painting, you name it. Thanks for all you do!
5- I can't get enough of Caroline pretending to feed her toys, dolls, and mommy and daddy. She will put the sippy cup up to your mouth and make the cutest nibble sounds. I love watching her play and watch her imagination start to take flight. Also, the other day Adam said "Andrea" then Caroline went around the house calling out, "Andea, Andea" I don't want that to be the case all the time, but it was really darling!