Monday, August 9, 2010

another country heard from....

When I was little, my siblings and I loved to go climb on mom and dad's bed in the morning.  Often, one by one we would filter into their room and each time someone else came in, my dad would say, "Oh, there's another country heard from!"  It is such a vivid and sweet memory for me and we have been saying it to Caroline for a while now.
So to fill you in on what comical things Caroline has been saying, here is another country heard from....

The other day we were looking at a picture of the Little Einstens.  The Eifel Tower was in the picture and my mom said, "Caroline, that's the Eifel Tower in Paris.  Your mommy and daddy have been there."
Me: "Yea, and you were in my tummy when we went."
Caroline: "Yes and I said, Get me OUT of here!"

The other day we were riding in the car and I was looking through my mail as my mom drove us all around.  All of the sudden a big furry brown bug appeared on my hand and I was flailing my arms all around to get it off and shrieking at the same time.  After the bug was gone and I was not hysterical anymore Caroline grabbed my hand and said seriously, "Mommy, you are so brave."

For a while now as we tuck her into bed and give her a kiss, she grabs us and gives a very strong hug with her little arms and whispers, "You're the best mommy/daddy in the whole wide world."

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm hosting a Matilda Jane trunk show this coming Monday, August 9th from 10-noon. Please come shop and just enjoy friends!  There are super darling clothes for adults and kids ages 12mo-12 yr.  You can check out the website at
Children are welcome and anyone can come.
Just let me know if you need the address.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

{Bear Lake}

We were lucky enough this summer to go up to Bear Lake a couple of times with friends.  I just adore the families that we were up there with. A fun aside is that I was in nursing school with each of the girls who invited us.  Jess and I  made any monotonous day of school very fun.  For example, we took off one week to Jamaica in November without any set plans and flew by the seat of our pants.  
The traveling bug definitely got worse with Hailey, capped off with our semester in Ireland.  
These girls are like sisters to me.
It was so nice to get away to the lake and relax on the beach and on the boat.
I love being on boats!  I would be happy just to sit out on the water in a boat,
with good music playing, simply sunning and swimming the day away.  It is hypnotizing.

Tubing was hilarious!  We were going SUPER slow, but there were so many different facial expressions from Jess and I that make it look like we are going at turbo speed.  Note darling Tommy's voluminous hair in picture 1 and my attempt to match the volume in picture 2.  I think Tommy is the clear winner!