Tuesday, August 19, 2008


A few weeks ago we went on a fabulous trip to Newport Beach with my whole family.
It was a jam packed week of Disneyland, deep sea fishing, an Angels' game, lost of yummy food,
shopping, and of course the beach...my personal favorite! It was fun to all be together and
to see how darling Caroline's cousins are to her. They always wanted to hold her and
help feed her and push her stroller. We are so lucky to know those four adorable little boys! Caroline had a wonderful time and loved letting the waves hit her legs.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The camping attempt...

This short getaway left kind of a bitter taste in my mouth to be honest. I don't mean to be so negative, but now that we laugh so hard looking back on it, I must share the events from our first time camping with Caroline. About a month ago, we went up to Strawberry Reservoir with the Beckstrom clan which we were so excited about. Caroline's darling cousins were there and Adam and Grandpa were so excited to take them fishing on the boat. We got there and it was perfect weather and really pretty. We loaded the kids on the boat with Adam, Uncle Jon, and I. We pushed off of the shore and the boat died, with four little ones in it. They were very patient though and it didn't take too long to get off the water. Caroline also was sick and little did Adam and I know, but we were coming down with strep for our first time ever. Adam had chills the enitre evening. We all felt terrible. There was a precious moment by the fire when Caroline was comfortable enough to fall asleep, but when it came time to get into the tent, it was not going to fly. So we thought at midnight we would leave...hooray! I went to get the keys, however, and I had lost them. I was upset with myself, but luckily prayers were answered!! We made it home to our beds and began recovery. We think trying out camping in the backyard first sounds nice!

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