Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boston, Beach, and Berries

Caroline has been a trooper through all of the chaos that has gone on. She traveled in the car for 7 days and was amazing, then it doesn't end there. We arrive and unpack so there were boxes everywhere. Then we still pack in day trips. She pretty much goes with the flow. Here she is, desperate for somewhere to have a moment of peace, and she resorts to a small laundry basket.

One of our day trips before Adam's mom left was to go to Boston. We forgot our stroller, I know, can you believe it, but Caroline walked and walked, actually ran and ran. She had a great time on the Freedom Trail. Adam and I were amazed with Samuel Adams who was an incredible founding father of our country. This cemetery was peaceful and very quaint.

The Beach
We have absolutely loved going to the beach and cooling off in the water. We have met some of the greatest families out here and have started doing things every day. We are lucky to be around so many great people who love to go, go, go like me! One of the great mom's I get to hang out with is Kara. She has 3 boys and reminds me of my sister Corinne because she handles them with such ease. Caroline feels right at home with the 3 boys because she has 4 boy cousins on each side of the family! We went to Hampton Beach this week and also a beach that is only 10 minutes from our house...dreamy!! It feels like I am on vacation everyday, life is being very sweet to us.

Here are the 3 Dortch boys, Ayden, Tyler, and Ryan

OH, life is sweet!!

Caroline would just sit in the sand and when the waves came, they would make her do a 180 degree turn. She did it over and over and loved it. She would get so excited and put her little arms up with her hands in fists and shake them happily and squeal.

You can basically pick your own anything out here. Everything is delicious because it's so fresh and picked right from the farms. We have gone to pick blueberries several times and the delight on Caroline's face has been priceless. You pay by the pound so I think they should weigh the children before and after picking because Caroline probably ate a pounds of blueberries as she picked. We can't wait for pumpkins, apples, maple syrup, mmm....

A sweet look of guilt...(mom, I promise I didn't eat all the blueberries that were in here, I promise)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Caroline and I were sad to say goodbye to Adam tonight so he could fly back to SLC! It is not a trip for pleasure, he will be defending

...his dreaded thesis!! (Note: this is only a SMALL fraction of the info. in his thesis...there are piles and piles!) I am devastated that I can't be there to see it, but his mentor wouldn't pay for my ticket, but luckily paid for Adam's. :)

We are so proud of him and can't believe all of the hard work he has put into it. He will fly back Sat. and then have a day to relax on Sunday and then he will start
Law School at Franklin Pierce!!

Caroline says, "Good Luck Daddy! Come back to 'New Hampster'!"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We made it!

After our 7 day road trip, we finally arrived in New Hampshire! Some of the key players on the trip were my mom, Adam's mom, and my brother Clark. We are so glad that they came and for ALL the help! We have unpacked and are actually almost organized. It's been fun exploring a new city and entire area and figuring out where to grocery shop, etc. So far we love it!

Here's a rundown of the road trip:

The night before we left we went to ice cream with all the gang. We will miss them so so much!! We love you all and can't thank everyone for all of their help!

Our trusty moving man! We were so blessed to get everything to New Hampshire in one piece.

My late grandfather's cottage in Wisconsin. It was so fun to get back for a visit and to see my Uncle Scott and Aunt Robyn and cousins. We used to go every summer as kids and I haven't been back since 2000.

Adam's sister, Jamilyn, was able to meet us in Kirtland. She came down from Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was so good to see her!

The sacred grove in Palmyra, New York which is in Adam's mission!

After arriving in New Hampshire, we didn't waste any time to begin sight seeing. We have been to Boston, Lexington and Concord, and I finally made it to Maine! I have dreamed of seeing it for a long time.

Trying out lobster in Kittery, Maine

The lighthouse at York Beach