Sunday, January 22, 2012

How has everyone's New Year been?
Ours has started out with a bang and it has been absolutely perfect (besides locking Olive in our apartment by herself...have to tell the story in person if you care to know :)
I just can't continue on in the lovely flow of this year without finishing off our time in Utah and 2011!

We had a priceless Christmas with many tender moments.  Gae was missed, but to be honest, we miss her more now being home.  Maybe it's all of the books that she wrote little notes in to the girls when she gifted them for birthdays, and special days, or it's that she's not there when we Skype to make silly faces at the girls, or maybe the bunny slippers that she made that I see on Caroline's feet each day make our hearts a little heavy, but happy at the same time.  We've never been more grateful for the temple to feel a closeness to her.

Everyday over the break was spent with family.   There were dinners, game nights, talent shows, lots of time playing the "bowl game" which is charades on steroids, birthday celebrations.  It was non-stop and our messy bedroom was proof that we were constantly on the go!
At our Winegar family Christmas party, my mom made these cute favors/ name cards.  To make them she opened the bottom of the can and emptied out the contents and washed it.  Then she filled them with everyone's favorite goodies, or cute little socks for the girls and hot glued them shut.
Then she put on the labels and the ribbon and we were the recipients of a fun little surprise!
It was such a fun idea that could be used for many occasions.
Spending time in the mountains was definitely a highlight.  We dusted off the snowshoes and were able to go a couple of times.  We also found some decent hills to go sledding on.  The girls were pretty pleased!  By the way, if you were wondering, you can carry snowshoes onto the airplane.  Yes, you can carry snowshoes with sharp metal spikes on the bottom, but you can't bring a small tube of toothpaste.  Crazy, right!?
They just laughed the entire time they went down the hill, 
even when their faces were splashed with snow.
A few times they even had a good amount of space between the sled and the hill.  I was shocked when Caroline went down all by herself.  She was so proud.

The second time we went we made it to a set destination, Doughnut Falls.  Adam's dad, sister, and our brother-in-law came and it was a perfect way to spend our New Year's Eve morning.
I don't usually blog about my own birthday, but I just loved this one.  There were no big plans, and it just turned out splendidly with some awesome surprises.  Lunch at Vinto did not disappoint with the margherita pizza that tasted so good to me at 14 weeks pregnant.  
While leaving the restaurant my sister, Erika, asked if I wanted my gift right then, or on Friday.  I said whatever was better for her.
Then bam, she reached in her pocket and there they were.  Two Neil Diamond tickets for July!
Yes, I am a fan, I mean he sings "Sweet Caroline", but that is not his only gem.  He's not getting any younger and this may be my last chance to ever see him perform a sweet concert.
And it doesn't stop there.  For Christmas she gave my parents tickets and my sister and brother-in-law as well.
It's going to be a party!!
I am not a big Facebooker at all, lame I guess, but I am just not that into it.  I will tell you though, Facebook really comes through for you on your birthday.  All of the birthday greetings are just so unexpected and nice.  It's like receiving little gifts throughout the day!
Caroline was also like a little alarm clock it seemed.  Every hour or even more often, she would sweetly say, "Happy Birthday Mommy" and then give me a kiss on the cheek.
That sweetness comes from her daddy.

These two little dolls have turned a corner.  They were buds before, but now they just hang out ALL day and let their imaginations take them all over to South Carolina, to the hair salon, and to their clubhouses that they build all over the apartment.  I find myself having all sorts of time and it feels very strange.  Olive copies everything Caroline does, she thinks she is the best thing around, and we hope that never changes.
They spent a lot of time in this closet at Grandpa B's house.  This was one of their "clubhouses" and my cute sister had just done their makeovers.  
I could just film them playing together all day.  I realize I take a lot of pictures, but I need to have the little sweet Olive voice and hand gestures, I need Caroline's voice comforting Olive and saying, "You are the best sister, Olive."  
Our heartstrings are sure pulled by these two.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

{Home Sweet Home}

The definition of comfort is: a state of physical ease or to bring cheer to.
This is a perfect way to describe how I felt as soon as I walked into our living room apartment back in D.C.
Pure ease and cheer overcame me.  I smiled at how clean everything was and how everything had it's own place.  I almost shouted Hallelujah when I exclaimed to Adam that we only had to unpack 5 bags of things and not unpack-and-move-in to our place for the how many times would that be?

2011 was a year that was packed with some pretty intense things.  Things that I am grateful I had Adam by my side for, and that I could be at his.  Last week we celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary.  It was quiet and simple and just what we needed.  Time to slowly sip ginger ale at dinner to calm our little growing baby, time to flirt and laugh and not know what is going on around us in the crowd.

I am so glad that I spied Adam down the hall in the Operating Room when we worked there together.
I have no shame in "by chance" being country dancing the same night he was, when I hadn't been in a year.
I love Park City and all of the romance that budded there.
I adore that Adam, only Adam, calls me Annie.
I feel indebted to him for the past year of him taking care of me during the first trimester...two times.
My heart melts when our girls are with their daddy, and it brings me ineffable joy.

In our six years of marriage we have moved way more than 6 times, one or both of us has been in school during our entire marriage (but the school part is quickly coming to a close!), we have been pregnant 6 times, we have had two priceless little girls that have won our hearts over time and time again, we have had 6 jobs on and off between us, and we flew across the country 6 times this past year.
Through all of the wild, uncertainty of this year, Adam (and our girls) was my constant.  
I look forward with more of that soothing comfort that he will always be next to me.
I love you babe!