Sunday, January 30, 2011

This little one gave her first talk in church the other day.  She could hardly contain her eagerness to give her talk.  She wanted to practice it everyday, over and over.  I thought that she would buckle in front of the crowd and not even utter a peep, but she proved me wrong!  When her name was announced to give her talk, she clapped her hands and was grinning so big, her cheeks were sticking out.  She practically bounced off of the chair to rush up to the microphone.  I know I wrote recently about really having a test of patience with our dear 3 year old, but boy do the times of happiness outweigh the hard times!

You can't get anything past this little one.  She pays such attention to detail!  The other day we went to a birthday party at the Little Gym and she got a cup full of candy.  I spied my favorite candy bar, a Kit Kat, in her stash.  I didn't eat it right away, but I thought that she wouldn't mind, or notice if I ate it.  It was delicious, but the repercussions were not.  Right after I had inhaled the thing, she walked into the kitchen, grabbed her cup and did inventory.
Looking in she said, "Where is my Kit Kat?!"
I think, "WHAT?  How did she notice with all that other candy in there?"
Again she asked, "Mommy, where is my Kit Kat?"
I am now scrambling for an answer, yes, I thought about fibbing to my three year old.  The thought of telling her I ate it and then knowing how much it would disappoint her was almost too much to bear.
"ummm..." still debating on how to go about this conversation.
"Well, I ate it.  And I am so, so sorry sweetheart."
Then a look from Caroline of total shock that her mother would steal her candy bar.  "But I really, really wanted it."
So to make it better I bought a large Kit Kat bar, she ate it and I thought we called it good.  But at another party weeks later she whispered in Adam's ear and said, "Daddy, I need to tell them that mommy ate my Kit Kat."

And she did.  I have scarred our child and she thinks her mommy is a crook.

I have tried to change that thinking by keeping busy exploring museums.  Caroline is very much into our earth and different planets.  She also wants a pet really bad, and after exploring the mammals exhibit she said she would like an owl, a meerkat, or a buffalo.  Adam and I are still deciding which one would best fit our apartment.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet the Ghetto-ton.  

Yes, this is our couch, and we are very grateful to have it.  When we moved to New Hampshire, our L-shaped couch that made you melt like butter when you sat in it, didn't fit into our narrow doorway apartment.  We put big dents in the wall trying to wedge it in there, we thought about cutting it into sections, but to Goodwill it went. I still miss that couch.
We were so lucky to have family in Vermont that scored us this futon for a great deal, free, so we couldn't pass it up.  Thanks again Nate and Di!  
I loved that we had a couch and money in our pocket still, but the jolly green color wasn't working for me.
I looked at just buying a new cover, but for the money I wanted to spend, I couldn't get a very cute one.  I was feeling very cheap being in our first year of law school!

So I covered it with a sage colored fitted sheet (shown behind us).  A bit drab, but better.

When we moved to D.C. I was unpacking and realized I had a striped Pottery Barn drape that I bought for about $5 a while ago.  I also had some twill material from another project that wasn't needed.  I thought that would be a perfect cover for the blah futon that seemed to suck the life out of our living room.
Well, remember how I am working on following through with projects?  Well, here is another one finished during a naptime, thanks to my do it yourself and do it well neighbor!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Say YES! to the mess

I have been inspired.

One of my dearest friends has the greatest resolution for the new year.  She is going to stress less about her house being spotless and get down on the floor and play with her 3 children more.  Not only is she going to stress less, but take action and not worry about the mess until the kids are in bed.  They have a full time playmate ALL day with no waiting!

I have been doing this for the past couple of days.  There is no "oh just a minute, I can play after I do..." I am right there and ready to follow wherever Caroline's imagination takes us.  I am way happier and less concerned about when I am going to get the everyday tasks done.  They will get done, but later.  There is no later for playing with my witty and still-so-small three year old and my potbelly, kiss smacking one year old.

I don't plan to live in a pigsty, I really really enjoy cleanliness.  But as my friend said, "Don't judge me if you come over and the house is a mess.  Just smile and know I am sticking to my new routine!"
Thanks for the inspiration Jess!  I have enjoyed the days of non-stop play immensely, and I know the girls do as well.

So we hope to have a lot less waiting,
and A LOT more playing!!
(no we don't have this much snow in D.C., these were taken in Utah at Christmas!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

At preschool the other day, they celebrated Caroline's 1/2 birthday.  I loved that they made a big deal about her 1/2 day because she is a summer birthday and wouldn't be able to share the excitement of her day with her little friends.  I always had a winter break birthday and I was usually sad that I never got to take treats to school on my day.  We took in these little treats to switch up cupcake routine.  In stead of a candy corn, I used a real julienne carrot which added 
one tinch (which is smaller than a smidgen) of health to the treat :)

Caroline chose to have the lights off while they sang "Happy Birthday" and then she thought very hard about what to wish for before blowing out the special candle that they have.  
I think she may have wished for 20/20 vision and no more patching because that is what she got the next day at the eye doctor!
This age is the best and it is also very challenging.  Every one says it's "the terrible twos", well the threes are not terrible, but a GREAT test of patience.  You want to work on patience in this New Year?  Well, go and pick yourself up a three year old!  I have had my heart hurt so many times when I felt like I had failed in the patience department.  There are days when I know the only reason we made it is because of Heavenly Father's help!
The pick me up moments do incredible things to a day though, like watching Caroline's little side kick, Olive, follow her and copy everything she does.  
She was so thrilled to sit in a chair next to sister.

Sleeping has been an interesting thing at this age.  We are at the point where we have "quiet time" each day because she often won't fall asleep.  Other days, she just passes out and I don't hear a peep from her.  This causes some crazy bedtimes because then she is not tired until a few hours past bedtime.  So, I have been waking her up after about 45 minutes to even everything out.  It is extremely difficult to wake this very peaceful and tired child, it takes all I have to break her sweet slumber.
Here she has put on one of my shirts and tucked her little toes into it, and made a bed in the space between the wall and our bed.  I adore her clasped hands, with her kitty that she named "Whiskers" tucked in her arm.  How do you wake this sleeping beauty!?

And when Caroline is not sleeping, she is always moving, dancing, singing, talking loudly and excitedly.  While we were in Utah she was able to go to two days of Kindergarten with Grandma B.  By the second day she was talking to some little girls and said, "We should have a playdate."  
Then the little girls said, "We don't know where you live."
Caroline replied, "Just call my mom...801- and she proceeded to recite my number."
She is an energetic ball that never stops bouncing, only to pause and say, "Mom, you're my best friend."  The only time I have seen her speechless and shy is when she saw Santa.  She was stunned.
If you are having a bad day, call and talk to Caroline.  She will brighten it right up, guaranteed!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Here's to this coming year 2011 being filled with...
lots of peace

lots of silliness and laughs

lots of continued exploring of this incredible city we live in

lots of pauses to stop and just enjoy this tender sisterhood

lots of time to make more lasting memories with friends, old and new

enjoying life's little miracles (my favorite birthday gift this year, baby Enoch!)

the comfort of being with family

lots of love letters and continued romance

Cheers from our home to yours!