Tuesday, January 11, 2011

At preschool the other day, they celebrated Caroline's 1/2 birthday.  I loved that they made a big deal about her 1/2 day because she is a summer birthday and wouldn't be able to share the excitement of her day with her little friends.  I always had a winter break birthday and I was usually sad that I never got to take treats to school on my day.  We took in these little treats to switch up cupcake routine.  In stead of a candy corn, I used a real julienne carrot which added 
one tinch (which is smaller than a smidgen) of health to the treat :)

Caroline chose to have the lights off while they sang "Happy Birthday" and then she thought very hard about what to wish for before blowing out the special candle that they have.  
I think she may have wished for 20/20 vision and no more patching because that is what she got the next day at the eye doctor!
This age is the best and it is also very challenging.  Every one says it's "the terrible twos", well the threes are not terrible, but a GREAT test of patience.  You want to work on patience in this New Year?  Well, go and pick yourself up a three year old!  I have had my heart hurt so many times when I felt like I had failed in the patience department.  There are days when I know the only reason we made it is because of Heavenly Father's help!
The pick me up moments do incredible things to a day though, like watching Caroline's little side kick, Olive, follow her and copy everything she does.  
She was so thrilled to sit in a chair next to sister.

Sleeping has been an interesting thing at this age.  We are at the point where we have "quiet time" each day because she often won't fall asleep.  Other days, she just passes out and I don't hear a peep from her.  This causes some crazy bedtimes because then she is not tired until a few hours past bedtime.  So, I have been waking her up after about 45 minutes to even everything out.  It is extremely difficult to wake this very peaceful and tired child, it takes all I have to break her sweet slumber.
Here she has put on one of my shirts and tucked her little toes into it, and made a bed in the space between the wall and our bed.  I adore her clasped hands, with her kitty that she named "Whiskers" tucked in her arm.  How do you wake this sleeping beauty!?

And when Caroline is not sleeping, she is always moving, dancing, singing, talking loudly and excitedly.  While we were in Utah she was able to go to two days of Kindergarten with Grandma B.  By the second day she was talking to some little girls and said, "We should have a playdate."  
Then the little girls said, "We don't know where you live."
Caroline replied, "Just call my mom...801- and she proceeded to recite my number."
She is an energetic ball that never stops bouncing, only to pause and say, "Mom, you're my best friend."  The only time I have seen her speechless and shy is when she saw Santa.  She was stunned.
If you are having a bad day, call and talk to Caroline.  She will brighten it right up, guaranteed!


The Winegar's said...

She certainly brightens up any day. I LOVE her vivacious personality. The snowman treat looks darling.

Kristen Gardiner said...

Oh, how I miss that little girl and all of her funny little sayings.

Brandon and Brittany said...

i LOVE her little sleeping arrangement that she created and that u captured!=)

The Cannons said...

She's a doll! FYI, Sadie's most challenging year was her third. Although it could be a toss up with her fourth as well. BTW, who took your pictures for the card. They are amazing!!

Dan and Jen said...

We struggled with age 3 also. And it came as quite a shock because you hear about the "terrible two's" but nobody ever mentions that three's are worse. I loved four, five has been a bit of a rollercoaster and I'm worried that six is going to be a struggle. Which will be awesome since Syd will be 6 when Sawyer turns 3. It's a good thing that kids are so cute, that they have those nuggets of pure delight and that they eventually fall asleep and look angelic. :) And that is great about Caroline's vision!

The Beckstroms said...

Our friend antonette dimiwait took the pictures. I will send you the link to her website :)

Pohlmans said...

Your girls sure look cute. It is fun to watch them grow! I am anxiously awaiting our twins in March...30 weeks today so we are doing great.

Here And Happy! said...

Keep in mind that C is passed 3, living her fourth year, whose indicator is "I..ME...MINE!" Major autonomy in that awesome fourth year. And you're GLAD! It will keep her from moving back in when she's 31! Love the post.