Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{7 months}

Our little "woo" as we call sweet Jane just pulls on our heart strings all throughout the day.
She is still a calm little spirit among the fray and she is so content to just go with the flow.
She is loving eating her solids, mostly green beans, peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes.
She does not like squash so much and still gags when she tries it.
She has this new grin where she just can't seem to grin wide enough and so she
scrunches her little nose and wiggles her head a little.
She loves to suck on her binky upsidedown which makes us chuckle because it
looks so funny and she turns it around herself.
She has started giving wet slobber kisses on our cheeks and it makes her giggle.
Sitting up and staying up is getting easier for her.
She has two tiny and sharp teeth.
She is super smiley baby, unless you take her to get pictures done :)
When you arrive home after being away from her, she is one of the best welcoming committees I
have ever seen!

Thanks for brightening our day EVERY DAY little woo!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What a Merry Christmas!

The rush of the holidays is over and I loved running across all of our pictures this week.  It was a jam packed season filled with The Christmas Carol Musical (that was fantastic!), Zoo Lights, Adam's company party and a stay in Park City, 
family parties, a handmade gift exchange with neighborhood friends, old roomate party, Madrigal party....we welcomed a relaxing January after all of that fun!

The girls, minus Jane here, enjoyed talking to Santa at our ward breakfast.  Caroline sat for what seemed like 15 minutes on his lap, deep in thought because she wanted to tell him just the right thing to bring.

Our Elder's Quorum put on quite the bash!  We had a progressive dinner with small groups which was fun to get to know a few families better.  Then we had a white elephant exchange and dessert back at the ward.  I was thrilled that we had the perfect gift for this party.  We have toted around this gift from New Hampshire, to D.C. and back to Utah, waiting for just the right crowd.  Well, why not bring it to our first ward Christmas party?
We brought The Sperm Bank that I received at a friend party years ago.  It was a hit and had everyone rolling, I would highly recommend this if you want a good gag gift!
We were relieved that it went over well and that our dear friend Brooke found the humor in it!

At one point during the game we were thrilled to get a plunger, sombrero, and various treats from Mexico.  Turns out that was another hot gift that was stollen from us.

Attempts to get a calm picture before church went probably as expected.  We have a few cute pics with 2 out of three girls smiling, and then lots of stressed out ones.  I just had to share some real life :)  Look how stressed Caroline is as Jane is slipping a little bit.

Another real life moment that was very sad for Olive was when her gingerbread man fell off of her plate and was decapitated.  I felt bad for her, but I was also fighting back the laughter because she was hysterical!
It's so hard for these little ones when it seems their life crumbles to pun intended.

Our family Christmas parties were cozy, relaxing, and delicious.  We had one with my dad's side of the family that I will post later because there are too many funny pictures!  My cute parents getting the feast ready.

 My mom knit these Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty dolls for Caroline and Olive.  You flip them over and under their skirt is the more casual Ella and Briar Rose.  The girls now sleep with them every night.

My sister gave the girls these darling personalized plates.  

I just died at how adorable they are! 

Sweet Grandpa B with baby Jane.  He just loves our girls so much and has such a tender heart.  We lovethe Beckstrom party where we play Don't Eat Pete and Righty Lefty. The kids had a blast!

We were so happy to be with everyone during the most wonderful time of the year!!