Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{7 months}

Our little "woo" as we call sweet Jane just pulls on our heart strings all throughout the day.
She is still a calm little spirit among the fray and she is so content to just go with the flow.
She is loving eating her solids, mostly green beans, peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes.
She does not like squash so much and still gags when she tries it.
She has this new grin where she just can't seem to grin wide enough and so she
scrunches her little nose and wiggles her head a little.
She loves to suck on her binky upsidedown which makes us chuckle because it
looks so funny and she turns it around herself.
She has started giving wet slobber kisses on our cheeks and it makes her giggle.
Sitting up and staying up is getting easier for her.
She has two tiny and sharp teeth.
She is super smiley baby, unless you take her to get pictures done :)
When you arrive home after being away from her, she is one of the best welcoming committees I
have ever seen!

Thanks for brightening our day EVERY DAY little woo!


The Winegar's said...

i just love that little "Woo". She DOES brighten up ones day!

Michelle said...

You make such beautiful babies!!

Halley said...

Oh little Jane, I am in love with you already!