Sunday, October 25, 2009

Keene Pumpkin Festival

Last weekend Caroline and I were able to go to an amazing pumpkin festival. Adam was studying and wasn't able to go, so we drove up with the Fish family which was fun. The drive up was beautiful and we drove through many quaint little towns. There were a lot of other families that came as well. There were over 25,000 lit pumpkins that lined the main street of Keene. People send their pumpkins from all over the country to be displayed at the festival. The smell of the lit pumpkins was such a delightful scent to take in. There were two gigantic pumpkins towers and then risers with pumpkins on them throughout the streets. We even got to see fireworks at the end, one of my favorite things. Caroline kept saying, "There's magic in the sky mom!" My pictures don't do the event justice, but you'll get the idea.
Some of the great families: The Fish's, the Gardner's, and the Stringham's. The Dortch's, Krueger's, and Mecham's were also there, but they were out enjoying the pumpkins, taking someone to the potty, or standing in line for a delicious pumpkin treat.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Silk-nog. It's arrived. I am in heaven. I will be sipping many mugs of warm nog this cozy, holiday season.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The talented Halley took our family pictures last week at St. Paul's School. ITo picture the school think of a Harvard for children grades 9-12. It is a beautiful campus and we loved walking around the pond that was so still you could see the reflection of each colorful tree in the water. She did such a great job of capturing Caroline's energetic and happy personality. I really love candid shots. She said I could tag along with her and get photography tips which I can't wait to do. Thanks so much Halley!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last weekend was, shall I say, dreamy. It was conference and Adam was home a lot more than usual watching with us. It was such a treat. We didn't have the traditional Beckstrom family "pig breakfast" before the Sunday morning session, which we were sad about. We did feel quite at home though, because we had a delicious breakfast at the Fish household...and it seems we just ate for the duration of the day.

Melanie Pyatt, Trine Krueger, Janalee Fish, Jennie Einfeldt, and Halley Stringham

Caroline loves going to Rhyen's house to play dress up with her and wear her snazzy heels and tutus. The other day she put on a regular dress and stood up, twirled and said, "This is a wonderful gown." Let the classic one liners keep coming because they make my days absolutely delightful.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The fun activities have continued to present themselves each week. I am enjoying gallivanting all over and I am trying to get my fill because I know it will greatly decrease, or cease for a time, when our new little arrival comes and old man winter. Last week we went to Beech Hill Farm. The drive there in and of itself was so pleasant. Both sides of the road were lined with tall trees and shrubs that have started to change to vibrant yellow, orange, and red hues. I think I will have to drive that a couple times a week to fill my Cottonwood Canyon drive craving. It seemed to fill that craving quite well. Besides enjoying the sunny, warm weather at the farm, the kids loved playing on the sandhill, looking at the animals and taking rides in little wagons. There were also festive rows of pumpkins all over. Before we left we of course indulged in some delicious homemade ice cream, I will be going back for more.

Tyler, Rhyen, Caroline, and Ayden

Caroline took her first trip to the dentist. I was very impressed with the staff and the office, it was spotless and so kid friendly. Caroline was able to follow the toothpaste trail to the orange room. She crawled right up into the chair and did so well.

Another adventure to Boston filled a day last week as well. Four of us decided to go see the USS Constitution and go on the "kid friendly" boat to let the kids enjoy. Well, turns out it was not so kid friendly as they couldn't touch anything. They did well though, and luckily we found a water shuttle to take us back to where we began our 2 mile trek. We let the kids run around on the grass and enjoyed the nice evening. Then we went to Quincy Market for dinner. I can't get enough of hanging out with Caroline everyday. This has been such a delight after working full time last year. I am so glad that we have these next few months to spend with just us, although we do wish daddy could come on all of our adventures. He is working so hard and has made it to midterms..we'll let you know if he makes it THROUGH midterms. We are so proud of you!

Kara, Katie, myself, and Dee with all the darling little ones.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Favorite Things

Caroline often comes up to me, walking awkwardly, in a pair of my shoes. Well, this time she chose some rain boots and she seemed quite pleased that they covered her entire leg.

She preceded to try to walk toward me in these very large boots and we ended up both rolling with laughter because it just wasn't working out for her. She was trying so hard to get moving in those things.

And then the look, "You seriously wear these and can walk in them?"

She loves to string beads and then take them off again. Occasionally she will want it tied into a bracelet, but she mostly just likes to sit and do beads with mom. I could watch her do that for hours. She concentrates very hard and is so careful to get the beads on the string.

Another one of my favorite things is homemade goods. My mom is the best at making amazing handcrafted items, this sweater happens to be one of the lucky items we have received. I also can't wait to slip my feet into the many pairs of hand knit socks she has made for me. I know my feet will be happy this winter.

oh and feeling our little baby move is at the top of the favorite things list. We are getting so excited for her arrival.