Friday, October 2, 2009

Favorite Things

Caroline often comes up to me, walking awkwardly, in a pair of my shoes. Well, this time she chose some rain boots and she seemed quite pleased that they covered her entire leg.

She preceded to try to walk toward me in these very large boots and we ended up both rolling with laughter because it just wasn't working out for her. She was trying so hard to get moving in those things.

And then the look, "You seriously wear these and can walk in them?"

She loves to string beads and then take them off again. Occasionally she will want it tied into a bracelet, but she mostly just likes to sit and do beads with mom. I could watch her do that for hours. She concentrates very hard and is so careful to get the beads on the string.

Another one of my favorite things is homemade goods. My mom is the best at making amazing handcrafted items, this sweater happens to be one of the lucky items we have received. I also can't wait to slip my feet into the many pairs of hand knit socks she has made for me. I know my feet will be happy this winter.

oh and feeling our little baby move is at the top of the favorite things list. We are getting so excited for her arrival.


Erica Huff said...

I saw that sweater and my first thought was how adorable it was and where I could find on. Lucky, lucky! Seems like you guys are settling in great! Glad the baby is doing well.

Ann Marie said...

You're mom made that sweater!...How? Wow, I need to learn a skill like that. I'm glad you guys are doing so well. I'm not surprised, you're good attitude will make everything go well for you.

Mary said...

The sweater did turn out well - it looks so cute on Caroline. I'm glad that I can do that for you and the rest of the family. Caroline is at such a cute age and doing so many cute things. Can't wait to see you in Dec. or whenever the baby comes.

corinne said...

So cute--especially her expressions! Give her a big smooch from all of us and I can't wait to "play scype" on Sunday!

Dan and Jen said...

Before I read that your mom made that sweater I was thinking to myself, "That is a way cute sweater! I wonder where she found it?" Your mom has always been super crafty. Good job, Mary.

The pictures with Caroline in the boots...Classic! She is so cute and you guys do such great things together.

I always miss feeling the baby move inside me. It is such a precious feeling that is meant only for you. Oh, now I miss it again.

Brandon and Brittany said...

your little Caroline iS SOOO stinkin cute!!!! Wow, I can't believe that another will be added to you fam so dang soon!!! =)When you going to be home visiting??

The Hilton Family~ said...

Oh my goodness! I love the pics of Caroline in the boots! Way too cute. she is seriously the cutest thing ever, and that sweater is amazing. Mary is SO talented! I love it. I am so happy that things are going so well for the Beckstrom fam. We miss you guys.

Here And Happy! said...

Mary, the sweater is adorable! Beautiful! It's a good thing that I can pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time or as grandmothers we would be grossly imbalanced in the talent department. Just look at Caroline!The boots make the woman--if that isn't a saying yet, it should be! I can't wait to cuddle that new little squeak inside there too! She's going to be another beauty.