Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall in New Hampshire

Besides missing Utah Football terribly (as we can't go to games and we don't have TV, which I actually love)I am truly enjoying fall back east. The leaves are starting to change and the colors become more vivid everyday (pictures to come). There has been plenty to do to stay busy and we had a really good time apple picking at Carter Hill. There were piles of fresh produce that were beautiful to look at and we picked a lot of apples and peaches right off the tree.

She loved picking apples and taking bites out of them too. I don't think she could've had a much bigger bite than this!

There was a fun play area for the kids with little 'roads' and play houses. Here are some of the other moms, Janalee Fish, Katie Bell, and Kara Dortch, helping the kids drive their cars.

Katie climbing the peach tree to pick the delicious and very plump peaches.

The kids loved running around the orchard. Here is Emilie Gardner with a bunch of the kids: Ayden, Caroline (back to the camera) Tyler, Kallyn, Eden, Allison, and Avi is in her mom's arms.

We went to the Hopkinton Fair a couple of weeks ago. The kids loved the animals and Caroline practically climbed into the pens with the pigs. We tried fried pickles, which were incredibly greasy, but to my surprise, very good when dipped in ranch.

On our way to the fair we passed by one of my favorite things...a covered bridge. I don't know what draws me to them, but I just love the old, quaint, charming feeling I get when I see them. Railroad Bridge, disputably the oldest covered bridge in the United States, was built in 1850 for the Concord and Claremont Railroad, connecting lonely Contoocook with the larger New Hampshire towns such as Concord. This is the first one I've seen since living in New Hampshire, and I hope to see many, many more! I especially can't wait until Christmas to hopefully go to some that are red with a wreath over the entrance.


Here And Happy! said...

Wow the fruits and vegetables are beautiful! I'm so glad you girls are having fun out there. Send lots of pictures of the leaves and Caroline and the pea and of course, the proud parentals!

corinne said...

It looks so fun...fairs, orchards...I love the fall because there are so many things to do! I love you!

Mary said...

That looks like you are having such a great time. I'm so glad that you have all that to do - taking advantage of all the fun, interesting things there are back there. Falls the BEST! Love you lots.

Mary said...

I LOVE the covered bridges too. I wish I could have seen more when we were there with friends.

Shawn Stephens said...

Haha so that's where Emilie Gardner is these days. I went to high school with Emilie. She was one of the few Weber High kids to go to the U.

The North's said...

I miss you guys so much! Chy is starting to develop more and more of a personality and sad to say but my attititude on top of it all! She needs her Caroline to put her in her place-or join in the little brat club! :) Anyway, I miss you and love you!!

Jamilyn said...

Oh Andrea, I love your blog and your NH adventures. I still don't know what my christmas plans are. A New England visit would be way fun though. I wish I could take credit for the picture on top of my blog. I found it on National Geographic's photo of the day website a few years back, and saved it because I really like it. I'm glad you like it too. It's awesome that your mom is playing the cello now. Squeaks happen. Even to graduate students. :)

I've been living without TV too, and I love it! Isn't it so liberating? Miss you guys. Hugs.