Saturday, April 25, 2009

In a couple of months, our sweet little baby will be 2 years old. We are discovering that there can be some tantrums that come along with that. Today we were having a dance off in the kitchen and then making pictures with scraps of paper and glue sticks. No wonder she didn't want to leave the fun and have a much needed nap. I picked her up to put her to sleep and she began flailing around. I put her in her crib and we gave her a few minutes to let out her obviously intense emotions. Well, those few minutes went by and she was only slightly calmer. So, I went into her room and offered to read a book to her. I got her out of her crib and I sat in the rocking chair, which sent her into a fit of rolling on the floor. I left to sit on the couch and was holding her recent favorite book from the library. Unfortunately it's terrible, The Backyardigans: Cops and Robots, but glad she finds enjoyment from it. She walked out of her room with her blanket having decided a seat next to mom on the couch cuddled in her arm wasn't too bad.

We read the book few times and she would touch the pictures and was calm, just listening. I stopped on the last page the third time through and just sat there with it open. I heard Caroline's cute little breathing get a little louder and felt her little head get a little heavier on my arm. I didn't want to make any sudden moves, but I realized she was asleep. We sat there and I laid my head back and closed my made the tantrum all worth it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- We paid a deposit to the law school in New Hampshire!! The decision (still not set in stone because of some waiting lists and other pending apps.) has been made for now on where we're going. Gorgeous New Hampshire. Covered bridges, breathtaking fall foliage, an hour from Boston, very close to Maine...we are very excited.
2- I am home today, no work! Also, speaking of work, I told them when my last day will be, which is sad, because I love working there, but also fabulous too....July 31st.
3- My sister Erika had a birthday! She is the best, we have such a great time going on trips (we even survived a summer in Ghana), playing pirates cove and cards, and we loved running the Wasatch Back with her. We love you Erika!
4- While going through stuff and organizing, I found some old purses. I had left quite a bit of gum, pennies, etc. in them. In one purse I found a bunch of gift cards that I assumed were empty. Just to make sure, I called to see if there were balances on them and to my surprise, I had found over $100 to different stores. Happy Easter to me!!
5- Adam and Caroline are all better after having the flu, the flu is not fabulous, but being able to get healthy quick is. Our bodies are incredible even if we do all find flaws, we should embrace those flaws!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I just love our little peanut. She made Easter so much fun. Everything she pulled out of the basket, even the grass, got a "Wow!" She would hold each item up and say, "What's this!?"
And No, we did not give her a pinewood derby car, but ever since we found that thing she thinks daddy's old car is pretty neat.
I also loved Adam's reaction to getting a Dr. Pepper in his basket...he held it up gently in his hands and asked,"Where did you get this?" like it was a rare antique. I love how he is happy with simple things...Wheaties,natural ice chapstick, Reese's peanut butter eggs, and apparently Dr. Pepper.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- We watched a fascinating show on the History channel the other night..."The history and production of jelly beans". I love candy and so this was interesting to watch. It may deter me from eating as many shiny candies because I found out how they do that..a little wax, or then again, I think I will still be ok indulging on all the chewy goodness.
2- We have been doing one of my favorite things ever...Organizing! I truly could organize people's homes professionally, I love it so much. We have a lot of things in storage and we are trying to go through it all, I have been in bliss.
3- Before conference we had the bi-annual Beckstrom family "Pig Breakfast". Any breakfast item you can imagine is always present and we stuff ourselves silly before we settle in to enjoy the Sunday morning conference session.

4- Caroline and I took a walk around the 'park' next to our place. We were down on the ground catching boxelder bugs, picking dandelion's, hanging sticks off our shoulders (that was mostly Caroline), and observing bumble bees. We love the excitement that Caroline brings to everything.
5- When I get home from work, Caroline runs up and grabs my leg to give me a hug. She just pauses there for a minute. It almost makes me want to go to work again right then so I can have her do that over and over. (Also, she's been saying, "Oh, so cute" about things, like pictures that come up on the computer.)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- I just took some banana bread out of the oven and the house smells delicious!

2- Currently whenever Caroline wants to do something, she states what she wants to do and then has a little conversation with herself..."Outside!? Ok....yes" "Einsteins? Ok...yes" "Puzzle? Ok...yes" It never gets old!

3- Miami, possibly Provo, New Hampshire, Michigan?.....will you all come visit? There are still places to hear from, but so far, the top choices. I am sure we will have a studio apartment, but we have a very cozy blowup mattress and y'all are welcome! The mail has never been so exciting.

4- We have been making a small fort in the living room and Caroline named it the "sleeping house", although that is far from what we do in the fort. So family, if you are ever over watching Caroline and she says "sleeping house", you'll know what to do!

5- April Fools' Day was kind of fun. I tried to find a good idea on line, and one idea was to put a raisin in the toothpaste so that it would look like a bug. So I did this right after I got home from work. Time came to brush our teeth and Adam asked if I had brushed. I fibbed and said yes, and hopped into bed. I laid there waiting for a reaction, he realized I hadn't brushed because I had just eaten a pound of animal crackers...but anyway, I hid my grin in the sheets, and tried to ignore his questioning. Then from the bathroom I hear this, "Oh sick, oh sick." Acting surprised.."what is it?" I asked. Adam: "You don't want to know"....moments later, "Did Caroline play with the toothpaste and put a raisin in it?" The tears were rolling down my cheeks by this point, I don't know why I thought it was so funny. We had a great laugh!!

and I must add a 6- We got a surprise visit from Corinne because she was in the neighborhood, it was very fun and Caroline was thrilled. (She even gave Corinne a tour of the sleeping house.)