Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I just love our little peanut. She made Easter so much fun. Everything she pulled out of the basket, even the grass, got a "Wow!" She would hold each item up and say, "What's this!?"
And No, we did not give her a pinewood derby car, but ever since we found that thing she thinks daddy's old car is pretty neat.
I also loved Adam's reaction to getting a Dr. Pepper in his basket...he held it up gently in his hands and asked,"Where did you get this?" like it was a rare antique. I love how he is happy with simple things...Wheaties,natural ice chapstick, Reese's peanut butter eggs, and apparently Dr. Pepper.


Abs and Me said...

Fun, fun stuff! Caroline is so adorable! I love the pigtails!

Anonymous said...

It WAS a great day and Caroline was so cute. She's like you and Adam - enjoys the little things in life.

Steve & Jenny said...

Hey Andrea! I found your blog through Abby's. It was fun to catch up on it. By the way, your daughter is so adorable! And I have to say, Caroline is my favorite girl name. In fact, if we have a girl (we're expecting #2 this November!), that's my #1 choice! :) Hope you guys are doing well! Love, Jenny (Smoot) Preece