Monday, April 13, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- We watched a fascinating show on the History channel the other night..."The history and production of jelly beans". I love candy and so this was interesting to watch. It may deter me from eating as many shiny candies because I found out how they do that..a little wax, or then again, I think I will still be ok indulging on all the chewy goodness.
2- We have been doing one of my favorite things ever...Organizing! I truly could organize people's homes professionally, I love it so much. We have a lot of things in storage and we are trying to go through it all, I have been in bliss.
3- Before conference we had the bi-annual Beckstrom family "Pig Breakfast". Any breakfast item you can imagine is always present and we stuff ourselves silly before we settle in to enjoy the Sunday morning conference session.

4- Caroline and I took a walk around the 'park' next to our place. We were down on the ground catching boxelder bugs, picking dandelion's, hanging sticks off our shoulders (that was mostly Caroline), and observing bumble bees. We love the excitement that Caroline brings to everything.
5- When I get home from work, Caroline runs up and grabs my leg to give me a hug. She just pauses there for a minute. It almost makes me want to go to work again right then so I can have her do that over and over. (Also, she's been saying, "Oh, so cute" about things, like pictures that come up on the computer.)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like another fun week at the Beckstroms! But you're like Caroline and find fun in about everything you do. Love ya.


Abs and Me said...

Very nice! I love conference weekend and being able to stuff myself! It's like Super Bowl Sunday or New Year's or Thanksgiving all over again!

I love hearing about your adventures with Caroline! Abbie is starting to get that way too!

corinne said...

Ummmm, do you want to come organize my house? Seriously. I was just thinking that I needed some serious help. I would even pay you!!!!

Anonymous said...

You still have to help me organize our garage. It was GREAT when you helped me with my sewing room. Speaking of organizing - for our Enrichment meeting this week it's on organizing. Should be great.

j and k said...

You guys are seriously the cutest family, Spam! I just love peeking in at your life and how wonderful you are as a mother and wife! You're awesome!

The Hilton Family~ said...

I can totally relate to your organizing obsession! I love it too. It just makes you feel soo good when you are all done, i love it:) I truly love and admire how much you love life and everything about it. So fun that you get to do it with darling Caroline. Don't you just wish you could freeze every moment of these little ones lives. That is so sweet what Caroline does when you get home. Thanks again for coming to the egg hunt! We loved having you all there. Can't wait to see you next week:)

Here And Happy! said...

OOOH! How did you stand living in our psycho-scattered house for a whole year? I'd love to love organizing, but it can be a lonely business and I seriously need a friend in order to accomplish anything productive! Love your happy, life-is-fun perspective.