Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Celebrating Jane

On September 30 we were able to bless dear Jane Terena Beckstrom.
It was such a tender day full of emotion.  Being close to family has been such a blessing for us this past summer.  They totally helped us get settled, adjust to our new little one, support us while Adam studied endless hours, and they let us use their cars all summer!  
We were grateful that they could all be here to be a part of Jane's special day, it had a different feel from when we blessed Olive in New Hampshire.  It was still a perfect day, but a lot more low key with just my sisters there.
It was also very emotional because although Adam's mom wasn't here physically, the feeling of her there was so strong, especially while Adam was blessing Jane.  We felt so blessed to feel that spirit. 
Jane's middle name is meaningful because it was her Grandma B.'s middle name.  It is a Maori name and it was the name of Adam's grandpa's first convert in New Zealand.  

Jane's blessing was beautiful.  She was blessed that she would be a peacemaker, which she has already proven to be just with her calm temperament and smile that makes anyone feel better.
She is happy in anyone's arms and content just sitting and being loved.
She has helped me appreciate a little slower pace in our days and has opened my eyes to the speed that these busy, often chaotic, but yet pleasant and priceless days go by.
The way these three girls interact is my favorite live movie and I have been working on capturing everyday things more on video.  I love how Caroline sings while she organizes cans in the storage room, how Olive says "wonderful, actually, awesome" and wants to read so bad and makes her own stories.  Lastly, how Jane crushes on teachers at church and shrugs her shoulders and wiggles her head when she grins.

Thank you everyone for being a part of Jane's days and for being wonderful examples.  We are incredibly lucky to be so close to you all!!

ps: pictures from later in the day :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I forgot to mention the funniest moment that we had in September.  We were sitting at the table eating breakfast and Adam was still sort of in a waking up daze.  Caroline looked at him and said, "Daddy, what are you thinking about?"  He replied, "Mommy."
Caroline thought about this answer and then quickly responded, "Whoa, were you having a nightmare or something!?"  
Apparently I have left a pretty great impression on our 5 year old.  When I am thought of, it is like being in a nightmare. 
We laughed about this little conversation all throughout the month, thanks Care Bear!

And if you happen to need to switch your thoughts from a spooky nightmare to a dream, enjoy this crisp fall canyon.  Afternoon drives are the best thing to get our little Olive to relax and fall asleep once in a while!

Monday, October 22, 2012


September flew by and I think there was only one post here on the blog.  Now, here we are almost at the end of October, scary!  September was a favorite month of mine.  It was a time where things were finally calming down around here a little bit.  I crave routines and schedules and September helped us get on a schedule that feels comfortable and predictable.  I heart summer for sure, but there is something so calming about a nice routine!  Adam is working a regular schedule now instead of insanely studying for the bar exam (which, in case you didn't hear, he passed by the way!).  Caroline is so happy to be attending school everyday and has so many stories to tell when she hops off the bus.  With Caroline at school in the mornings, Olive and I have a new found time with just us while Jane is napping.  Olive is loving playing Starfall and learning her letters and she is such a different person without C around.  She is grown up, still a comedian, and loves helping me.

With our lovely new schedule, we also introduced a darling chore chart.  I thought it wasn't going to go anywhere, but it has been a hit!  They only have 3 things to focus on: make their bed, put clothes away, and clean up toys when they are done.  When I have reminded them to do one of the tasks, they seriously are so excited.  It has been a month and they are still thrilled about it, so hopefully it sticks!
(PS: we really don't make them scrub the cupboards, they were doing this for fun one day.  They were singing as they were doing it and it melted my heart!)

We hit up the all you can eat ice cream event at the fair one evening with my family.  The best part of the night was when we took a ride on the ferris wheel!  Have you been on a ferris wheel lately?  I couldn't remember the last time I had and it was the BEST. RIDE. EVER!  The girls were shrieking with delight and had the most animated faces and actions the entire ride.  I think it will be one of my favorite moments of watching these two, it was just so carefree and fun!

Sweetest Jane is such a calm spot in our lives.  She still has the most tender, soft cry and people say they love it.  It really is sweet.  She is incredibly smiley, even tempered, and starting to be chatty with her squeals.  She loves to suck on her hands, is enjoying tummy time up on my shins when I am lying down and have my legs in the air, and she   
has her sisters wrapped around her tiny little finger.

She is becoming more and more alert every day, but still so easy to tote around.  She came to the Jazz game with Adam and I and to Adam's swearing in ceremony.  

The girls practice changing diapers often on Jane's changing table.  They get their diaper bag and line up the babies and get to work.  I am lucky to have such helpers, truly.  Whenever Olive grabs a diaper for Jane it has to have Mickey and "Puto" on it.  
I just love our little family!  Not every day is calm and nice, there are days when I am so disappointed with my lack of patience.  I am learning though and grateful for the chance to do so!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

*Lake Mary*

Oh the mountains! 
We spent the day in the crisp, fresh air of Big Cottonwood Canyon on Labor Day 
and we could've stayed all day.
We hiked up to Lake Mary at Brighton, and we did it with 8 kids eight and under and still made it!
Being out in nature is like a new novel best friend for a child, they just collected sticks, rocks, and climbed all over.
I hardly heard a word from the little tykes, except when they started talking about how leaves are like toilet paper when you are out in the wild.
caleb. caroline. andrew. olive

 samuel. jon

During one of our breathers we stopped at Dog Lake and there was a moose just on the other side of the lake!
The snack that wins the best in show was provided by Jamilyn and Nathan, apples slices with cinnamon sprinkled on top.  According to Dr. Oz it is a great way to curb a sugar craving.  They were a perfect hiking treat!

The final destination was gorgeous!

These two little ones in tow were being so silly and delightful the whole way down.  I could listen to their little  tiny voices all day, a.dor.able.