Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Celebrating Jane

On September 30 we were able to bless dear Jane Terena Beckstrom.
It was such a tender day full of emotion.  Being close to family has been such a blessing for us this past summer.  They totally helped us get settled, adjust to our new little one, support us while Adam studied endless hours, and they let us use their cars all summer!  
We were grateful that they could all be here to be a part of Jane's special day, it had a different feel from when we blessed Olive in New Hampshire.  It was still a perfect day, but a lot more low key with just my sisters there.
It was also very emotional because although Adam's mom wasn't here physically, the feeling of her there was so strong, especially while Adam was blessing Jane.  We felt so blessed to feel that spirit. 
Jane's middle name is meaningful because it was her Grandma B.'s middle name.  It is a Maori name and it was the name of Adam's grandpa's first convert in New Zealand.  

Jane's blessing was beautiful.  She was blessed that she would be a peacemaker, which she has already proven to be just with her calm temperament and smile that makes anyone feel better.
She is happy in anyone's arms and content just sitting and being loved.
She has helped me appreciate a little slower pace in our days and has opened my eyes to the speed that these busy, often chaotic, but yet pleasant and priceless days go by.
The way these three girls interact is my favorite live movie and I have been working on capturing everyday things more on video.  I love how Caroline sings while she organizes cans in the storage room, how Olive says "wonderful, actually, awesome" and wants to read so bad and makes her own stories.  Lastly, how Jane crushes on teachers at church and shrugs her shoulders and wiggles her head when she grins.

Thank you everyone for being a part of Jane's days and for being wonderful examples.  We are incredibly lucky to be so close to you all!!

ps: pictures from later in the day :)


The Winegar's said...

We are so blessed to have Jane in our family. Love and kisses to her.
Gama Mary (as Olive says).

Holly and Eric said...

So precious, we miss you guys. You are such a great mother and an example of patience and love!

Michelle said...

Andrea you look gorgeous! What beautiful girls you make, too! Glad you were able to share the day with family. :)