Wednesday, October 3, 2012

*Lake Mary*

Oh the mountains! 
We spent the day in the crisp, fresh air of Big Cottonwood Canyon on Labor Day 
and we could've stayed all day.
We hiked up to Lake Mary at Brighton, and we did it with 8 kids eight and under and still made it!
Being out in nature is like a new novel best friend for a child, they just collected sticks, rocks, and climbed all over.
I hardly heard a word from the little tykes, except when they started talking about how leaves are like toilet paper when you are out in the wild.
caleb. caroline. andrew. olive

 samuel. jon

During one of our breathers we stopped at Dog Lake and there was a moose just on the other side of the lake!
The snack that wins the best in show was provided by Jamilyn and Nathan, apples slices with cinnamon sprinkled on top.  According to Dr. Oz it is a great way to curb a sugar craving.  They were a perfect hiking treat!

The final destination was gorgeous!

These two little ones in tow were being so silly and delightful the whole way down.  I could listen to their little  tiny voices all day,

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Erin the Mom said...

I'm so glad you took pictures! What great fun that was.