Monday, September 24, 2012

{Janie Woo}

Being a mother of three has opened my eyes to something.
I now understand more about something I discovered while I was helping my mom organize her pictures a couple of years ago.  We were making stacks of pictures for each of the 5 children. 
I have two older sisters, and their stacks were fairing quite nicely.  By the end, there were two large ziplock bags full of pictures of my oldest sister, the first born.
Erika, my second sister had a nice pile as well, filling one large ziplock.

Then I looked at my pile, truly, there must have been a box of picture that was lost in my parents move.
I had one pint sized stack of pictures.  At least there were some, right?
I laughed about it and thought it was a little funny and sad that my pile was so small.

Well, I completely understand now!  My picture taking days have decreased drastically, not by choice, but by necessity.  I have toted the camera to so many events and not taken one shot, there is just not a free moment.
The time I spend staring in awe over Jane is no less than our other two girls.  I may even spend more time peeking in at her.  I have slowed my bustling days down so much just so we can enjoy her simple sweetness.  I know in a moment, she will be five and on the bus to kindergarten.
There may be fewer pictures, but my enjoyment of being a mother has only increased with little Janie Woo (as Olive calls her).
I am going to try to bulk up her stack of pictures as the months go by, but if it is still yet smaller than her sister's stacks, I hope she knows that the size of the stack, is no where close to the size of the love!
Here are a few from Jane's stack:

I know sleeping with daddy pictures a given with most newborns, but the added bonus here is Caroline tucked in her wuggle pet "Lover" the unicorn next to Jane.
This shows just a morsel of the love C has for Jane because Lover is one of her favorite treasures.  She had no trouble sharing it with that little zonked out peanut.

Peaceful sleep and luscious cheeks

First UTAH game that she was an absolute doll for.  

All cuddled up in St. George watching the Olympics.  

This was when she was still sleeping in the bassinet that my late Grandpa Winegar made.
It's kind of a sad day for me when we move them to the crib.

We'll keep more pics coming from her stack and the family stack!


The Winegar's said...

Yes, I'm sorry for the lesser amount of pictures but like you say the love was and is always there.

Corinne said...

I love that darling baby. Mwah!

Erin the Mom said...

SOOO cute at the U game. You all look great in red.

Jake and Em said...

She is just a perfect little doll!! We sure miss the Beckstroms but love keeping up with you!! Hope all is well!! xoxo

Megan said...

She is so cute!! We need to visit next time I am in Utah.