Friday, September 21, 2012

A Bees Birthday

I realize after this post that I must not use my phone for all my pictures, they are starting to make me nauseated!
The night celebrating our nephew Liam's birthday was the ultimate summer night, so I just want to document it!
We had the most tasty and adorable barbeque at my sister's home.
She had the hot dogs on an old fashioned hot dog roller machine, ice cream in little plastic baseball hats, and even cracker jacks!  We were excited to see there are still prizes inside but they are pretty lame, like a paper pencil topper.

We all headed to the Bees game after and were excited to be entertained by fireworks after.
Well, it rained and rained and poured some more.
That didn't stop us from having a wonderful time, especially all of the kids.
corinne. nicholas. me. andrew

The girls splashed, ran, and rolled down the wet grassy hill.  They were beside themselves with how much fun they had.  

I love seeing little Jane in other peoples arms, she just looks beensy.  Her calm temperament has us pretty smitten.  

We didn't see any baseballs thrown, but I have seen many baseball games.  I have never enjoyed watching   all of the kids play in such a storm.
It was a perfect celebration for adorable Liam!


The Winegar's said...

What's really nice is that you let the kids play in the rain - getting soaked and not worrying that they were getting soaked. Just letting them have fun, plain unbridled fun.

Jill T said...

ilcute cute kiddos--love those girlies of your! Also, CONGRATS TO ADAM! I am so excited that he passed! I am heaving a big sigh of relief for you! hooray!