Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five!

1- We got to go on a date with my sister, Corinne, and my brother-in-law Justin to the Jazz game! We all laughed the entire time...what with sitting next to Mr. Sloshed, being harassed by some of the mascots, getting on the jumbo tron, and searching for Eva Longoria (we played the Spurs with Tony Parker) we had the greatest time. Thanks J and Corinne for the invite!!! Oh yes, and I got milk duds...I realize my current favorite candy.
2- Adam and I cleaned every inch of the house and boy does it sparkle!
3- Adam is so thoughtful. Whenever he hears a "need" of mine, his ears perk up and he always keeps an eye out for little surprises for me. He got the best slippers at Costco the other day and I love them, also he came home with 7 pairs of different workout pants for me to try. He just does little things that mean so much, I love you babe!
4- I went to a baby shower for a dear friend and got to see many people that I hadn't seen forever. I just love all of these girls and loved catching up.
5- I love when Caroline picks up a bag or purse and then says "See ya!" like she has things to do, places to go. I also love chasing her around the house, her little run makes me smile.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Shoein' in the Snow

I just had to share the pictures from our wonderful anniversary. It was peaceful, beautiful, a surprise!, and very cozy.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five!

1- Oh yes, the law school applications are all in! It was a lot of work for Adam, but he got it all done. Way to go sweetie! We are so excited to find out our fate.
2- I took up a new hobby..well I tried it before and didn't like it...crocheting! It is much for fun to make cute hats for Caroline than to crochet endlessly around a baby blanket. My mom and I went to a class, and it was a lot of fun.
3- Caroline sings along to melts my heart. She will sing a phrase here and there, and many of the last words from a line. She is loving "Popcorn popping" and does actions, many Signing Times songs, as well as primary "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeep".
4- Last weekend was so fun! We had a date night with kids. I loved it and it was fun to be with such a fun crowd. Watching Caroline play with others fascinates me. Doesn't it make you wonder what you were like as a kid? I do all the time.
5- We found some chopsticks that Adam's dad brought back from his mission in Japan. They are the real deal, with a fancy case and all. We ate with them for dinner tonight! Doitashi mashite, Don't mention it...errr that's my favorite Japanese phrase!

Picture update!

Here are some pictures from the UTE parade, Liam who had just been into grandma's makeup, and one of my favorite things ever...seeing the lights!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five!

1- I get so excited for each holiday! Valentine's is an especially sweet holiday, not only for those that are in love, but for children. The valentine's that they get to give at school, the boxes that I am sure the parents love to make, and the decorations are so cute! So I got the decor this week and it just makes me very happy. I also already called my mom to see when we might be decorating sugar cookies...I just look forward to that so much. Not even the eating, just the time together decorating with the kids!
2- There were a couple of days that were so warm and beautiful, so I got to use the favorite feature on our old beamer. Yes, I know the car has a tear in the seat, won't lock from the driver's side, and the odometer occasionally works. There is however, still my absolute favorite feature of the car that WORKS!! It's truly, deep down, why I bought the car. The sunroof! I opened it and felt the warm sun, and couldn't wipe the silly grin from my face.
3- I found out that I am DONE with light therapy for psoriasis! It is in remission, hooray! I do not have to go twice a week for treatment, so I am crossing my fingers it stays away. I wanted to hug my doctor, I was so, so happy, but I refrained and just kept the excitement to myself.
4- Our garbage can broke, one that I bought when I was living with my girlfriends and it was too small and not very functional. So, I never thought I would blog about being so excited about a new garbage can, but, well, I am! Our new one is rectangle, not small and circular so we can actually throw away a cereal box! I now get excited to throw things away. Yes, these are the things that excite me...I don't get out much.
5- We went down to the Utah Football parade downtown yesterday! Go UTES!!! It was so fun, and Caroline's first parade, which she enjoyed. I just loved the feeling of everyone being so fired up about the Utes, in red and white.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five!

I seem to always miss the exact day, Friday comes too fast!
1- I just have to mention how fun our anniversary was. First of all, my sweet Adam surprised me with such a fun date. I absolutely LOVE surprises. I didn't know we were doing anything until 5 minutes before when I went to pick up the babysitter. Snowshoeing was THE BEST! It's so beautiful and peaceful just being alone on the snow covered mountains. Then our cozy dinner at Silver Fork Lodge was dreamy, the fire was even crackling. I love that my hubby will romance me...see sometimes I tend to think life should be like a movie!
2- Caroline and I had a laugh attack. She would laugh and then I would. We both kept laughing harder and harder until I couldn't stop. It all started with her darling dance moves.
3- I discovered how grateful I am for HEAT!!! I woke up Wed. and it was freezing. I turned the thermostat up full blast, no good. That is one sweet bonus of renting. New furnace, no charge to us!, that very day! I just love being warm and am glad we now have heat!
4- I cry so often over the sweet things Caroline does. I love her latest favorite words...Ca-bub (for Caleb) Butter-by (for butterfly) Porcupine (that sounds almost exact) Bracets (for bracelets) and I love how she says "Okay" or "Yes" to everything. I just feel so lucky to have her!
5- It was wonderful to hear about the amazing life of Adam's grandmother Morrow. She passed away last week and her funeral was this week. I met her just over 3 short years ago, and wish I had known more about her! She was incredible and we were blessed by her example and by being reminded of it this week. One thing that hit me that someone said was, "She never said anything ill of anyone." I want to follow that wonderful way of living!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A very merry Christmas!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary!


Here's to 3 blissful years!!
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Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five!

1- Go UTES!!! They played an amazing game against Alabama to finish off the best season in Utah football history! We made a prediction back in October on how the season would end up, but we were hesitant to post it, less we curse their perfect season. Well, it came true!

2- We celebrated probably the greatest New Year's ever! We played "scrud" on the pool table, decorated sugar cookies, had leg wrestling contests, head stand contests, toasted at midnight, and played Nert's and The Great Dalmudi. Happy 2009!

3- New Year's Day was spent on the slopes of Snowbasin. What a perfect ski day! Besides the quick moment of Erika, Adam, and I thinking that we were going to die at the top of the Women's Olympic downhill slope, we were content and relaxed all day.

4- Caroline called (with Adam's help of course) me today and left the sweetest message. I was at work and listened to it over and over...."Hi mommy. I love you. I miss you. I love you. Bye Bye." I couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day!
5- I found out, a little early, what my sweet hubby was surprising me with for our anniversary..I can't wait! Thanks sweetheart!