Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five!

1- I get so excited for each holiday! Valentine's is an especially sweet holiday, not only for those that are in love, but for children. The valentine's that they get to give at school, the boxes that I am sure the parents love to make, and the decorations are so cute! So I got the decor this week and it just makes me very happy. I also already called my mom to see when we might be decorating sugar cookies...I just look forward to that so much. Not even the eating, just the time together decorating with the kids!
2- There were a couple of days that were so warm and beautiful, so I got to use the favorite feature on our old beamer. Yes, I know the car has a tear in the seat, won't lock from the driver's side, and the odometer occasionally works. There is however, still my absolute favorite feature of the car that WORKS!! It's truly, deep down, why I bought the car. The sunroof! I opened it and felt the warm sun, and couldn't wipe the silly grin from my face.
3- I found out that I am DONE with light therapy for psoriasis! It is in remission, hooray! I do not have to go twice a week for treatment, so I am crossing my fingers it stays away. I wanted to hug my doctor, I was so, so happy, but I refrained and just kept the excitement to myself.
4- Our garbage can broke, one that I bought when I was living with my girlfriends and it was too small and not very functional. So, I never thought I would blog about being so excited about a new garbage can, but, well, I am! Our new one is rectangle, not small and circular so we can actually throw away a cereal box! I now get excited to throw things away. Yes, these are the things that excite me...I don't get out much.
5- We went down to the Utah Football parade downtown yesterday! Go UTES!!! It was so fun, and Caroline's first parade, which she enjoyed. I just loved the feeling of everyone being so fired up about the Utes, in red and white.


Anonymous said...

The parade was fun and a great accomplishment for the UTES. I was happy for them even though I'm a Y fan. Caroline was daring and I think that guy that took your "fam" pic was enthrawled with her too. She has that effect on peope, I think. Yes, you probably don't get out much but it's great to be excited about little things like a new garbage can. Hope that never changes.

Dan and Jen said...

Hey, I just got your comment. What's going on? Please give me a call.

Here And Happy! said...

I'm also excited about your new garbage can. It's so rectangular and shiny! I'm trying not to think about the fact that neglecting to keep myself up to date on community affairs caused me to miss my only granddaughter's first parade. I need to step it up! Any pics yet? I love your five almost as much as I love you.

The Hilton Family~ said...

Andrea~ You are so cute!! I love how you love all the little things in life. Ever since the day i met you(probably x-training you in the "pee" room :) ) i loved being around you because you are so positive and always so happy about everything. You can always find good in any situation and i love it. I look up to you so much and i feel so fortunate that i have you as a friend. Thank You for everything and for simply just being you!!

Clancy In Idaho said...

Gotta love garbage cans... they're so awesome. I missed my FFF post this week. I just blathered on about Pearce and his adorable crappy singing!

I love your excitement for the sugar-cookie decorating. You're the darned cutest!