Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five!

I seem to always miss the exact day, Friday comes too fast!
1- I just have to mention how fun our anniversary was. First of all, my sweet Adam surprised me with such a fun date. I absolutely LOVE surprises. I didn't know we were doing anything until 5 minutes before when I went to pick up the babysitter. Snowshoeing was THE BEST! It's so beautiful and peaceful just being alone on the snow covered mountains. Then our cozy dinner at Silver Fork Lodge was dreamy, the fire was even crackling. I love that my hubby will romance me...see sometimes I tend to think life should be like a movie!
2- Caroline and I had a laugh attack. She would laugh and then I would. We both kept laughing harder and harder until I couldn't stop. It all started with her darling dance moves.
3- I discovered how grateful I am for HEAT!!! I woke up Wed. and it was freezing. I turned the thermostat up full blast, no good. That is one sweet bonus of renting. New furnace, no charge to us!, that very day! I just love being warm and am glad we now have heat!
4- I cry so often over the sweet things Caroline does. I love her latest favorite words...Ca-bub (for Caleb) Butter-by (for butterfly) Porcupine (that sounds almost exact) Bracets (for bracelets) and I love how she says "Okay" or "Yes" to everything. I just feel so lucky to have her!
5- It was wonderful to hear about the amazing life of Adam's grandmother Morrow. She passed away last week and her funeral was this week. I met her just over 3 short years ago, and wish I had known more about her! She was incredible and we were blessed by her example and by being reminded of it this week. One thing that hit me that someone said was, "She never said anything ill of anyone." I want to follow that wonderful way of living!


The Hilton Family~ said...

i am so happy that you guys had a wonderful anniversary! I also love the "Fab Five". I may have to use your idea on my blog so that i have something to blog about these days, plus i think it is a great idea to reflect on the week and all that we have to be greatful for. I can't wait to see you guys next week!!

Here And Happy! said...

Andrea, YOU are about the most positive, happy person I know! I feel like it's an absolute miracle that we get to have you in our family (Adam was truly a top rate missionary to deserve such a beautiful wife!) We love you and Caroline beyond words. I can't remember life without the two of you. Thank you for your sweet example to me. **

Christine Fotheringham said...

Hey Andrea, I found your cute blog. Your annivesary sounded so much fun -- I'm going to have to give Nate a plug on some of these ideas. I love the Silver Fork Lodge. That sounded like such a fun night. Hope you're doing well!