Thursday, April 29, 2010

This picture depicts Caroline's dressing style perfectly.  
When Caroline gets dressed, she likes to try on everything as well.
She usually goes through at least 5 full outfits a day.
From a swimsuit, to "ballets", to "beautiful gowns", to daddy's cap and a backpack.
Oh yes, and don't forget the shoes.
"How does this look?" she asks excitedly. "Do I look stylin'?"
She will also tap her chubby little pointer finger on her lip and say thoughtfully,
"Hmm...what should I wear?"
Adam says it's my dream come true to play dress-up all day
with our little girl and he is oh so right!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today's thrills

Hooray to Adam for attending his last classes of his first year of law school today!
Finals are still to come, but we are so proud of the dedication, day in and day out
that we have seen.  
He has taught me a lot about not complaining.  I have not heard him
complain once.  
No comment about continual lack of sleep, endless studying, stressful exams
and papers.  I love his example!
He comes home to us with a smile, even if his head is aching from working so hard all day.   

The trip to the grocery store went well with both girls today.
I know, you're thinking, the grocery store a thrill!?
But when it goes smooth, it's bliss.
Caroline was raving about everything on the list:
"Hamburger, oh I LOVE hamburger!"
"Mommy, BANANAS!  Oo, yum."
"Oh, orange juice, that's a GREAT idea mom!"
I never want to forget her cute little animated voice.

Caroline's little friend Thomas was over today and they crack me up.
Most of the time they are so polite to each other and
sound so mature.
The girl/boy dynamic is so great.
"Thomas, would you like a princess sticker?"
"No thanks, do you have any boy stickers?"
They usually end up laughing hysterically during lunch 
over what?  I never can quite tell.

My mom's email that said in a humungo font "20 DAYS"!
Yes the countdown is on 'till we arrive in SLC.
I can't wait for family to squeeze, snuggle, hug, and love our girls.

Showering sweet baby Olive and having her smell like baby lotion after.
I heart that smell.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Need I say more?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Olive Mary {4 months}

Little miss Olive munchie:
Still loving to munch her hand dessert
Has melted our hearts with her adorable laugh, 
which she refuses to have recorded
Loves to sleep swaddled, but enjoys her limbs being free most of the day
She is strong and almost rolls from back to front
Continues to love extruding her tongue and slobber
Makes me cry when she will snuggle on the bed with me and
I get to watch her eyes get heavy as she drifts off to sleep
Makes me cry when she is so smiley and happy 
after her naps and she shows me her 
bright eyes and (recently curled up) lashes
Makes me cry when I feel so grateful 
that third times the charm, and to not take these fast moving moments for granted, 
and that the wait taught us patience and was WELL worth it.                                    

Olive got this cute little leotard in the mail one day and Caroline of course spotted it.  She calls leotards "ballets" and I don't correct her because I absolutely love that she refers to them as that.  She was very excited to get dressed up with Olive.
Caroline: Mom, is that my ballet!?
Me:  No, it's Olive's, she got it in the mail today.
Caroline:  Oh, wow! (Then she picks it up and hugs it)
Can Olive wear this and I will wear my ballet?
Me: Of course.
Caroline:  And I can wear a pretty bracelet and shoes, and so can Olive! And mommy, she needs a pink bow.
I love that she wanted them to be dressed just the same, she was very concerned that Olive wasn't wearing leg warmers, so we remedied that problem.  I just love their little ruffle bums.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Is it any wonder that these little delights make holidays so much fun!?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{easter weekend}

Our weekend was filled with such satisfying things. We were able to watch Conference and therefore spend lots of time with daddy. Both very special things.
The 80 degree weather made for perfect sidewalk or should I say asphalt chalking in between sessions. We also broke out the shorts for the season!
The Sunday walk to the pancake breakfast at the Fish's was divine!
The breakfast was divine as well, and it also included glitz and glam with all the dressed up little girlies.
Our darling little playgroup (minus quite a few kids) at the Easter egg hunt that Deeann Guymon hosted.
Celia, Andrew, Brielle, Rhyen, Avi, Caroline, Leyna, Kallyn, and Eden.
Oh I love these little ones, they are like family.
I wish I could have managed a camera, video camera, and baby Olive all at the same time. I recorded in my head how incredibly sweet she looked prancing around the grassy hill searching for eggs.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This little one is always singing. Last night she was singing to her animals in bed, Adam and I loved listening to her sing, "Skidimi rink a dink a dink, skidimi rink a do, I love you..I love you in the morning and I love you in the night, I love you in the evening when the moon is shining bright..ohh" (yes that is a real song believe it or not) Last night was also unique because she had a little old lady vibrato going on that was very entertaining.

Caroline loves to make up songs to tunes she knows, or a make up a tune with nonsense words. There is always a song coming from her mouth. Todays song was very nice, with no real tune. It was as follows:

"You're not Andrea, you are mommy!" "You're not Andrea, you are mommy!" "You're not Andrea, you are mommy!" (repeat about 25 times or more)

I think she got the idea for that song while we were at the park today. See, when she is with her little friends that call me Andrea, Caroline begins to call me Andrea too. It's funny, but I always say, "Oh you can please call me mommy."

And this little one is constantly serenaded to all day. Olive just watches in awe as her big sister prances around singing many happy little tunes and saying, "Olive, look at my dance moves!"