Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{easter weekend}

Our weekend was filled with such satisfying things. We were able to watch Conference and therefore spend lots of time with daddy. Both very special things.
The 80 degree weather made for perfect sidewalk or should I say asphalt chalking in between sessions. We also broke out the shorts for the season!
The Sunday walk to the pancake breakfast at the Fish's was divine!
The breakfast was divine as well, and it also included glitz and glam with all the dressed up little girlies.
Our darling little playgroup (minus quite a few kids) at the Easter egg hunt that Deeann Guymon hosted.
Celia, Andrew, Brielle, Rhyen, Avi, Caroline, Leyna, Kallyn, and Eden.
Oh I love these little ones, they are like family.
I wish I could have managed a camera, video camera, and baby Olive all at the same time. I recorded in my head how incredibly sweet she looked prancing around the grassy hill searching for eggs.


Mary said...

Looks like the kids (and dad) had a fun time on Easter/Conference weekend. Aren't you proud of that darling skirt you made? It looks professional!! And the shorts.....maybe we'll have that in the near future.

Corinne said...

How fun, i am jealous of your 80 degrees, it feels like that cold day in Boston here in utah...ugh.

Here And Happy! said...

What darling Easter pics. Cute clothes, and appearance by Babe Dad...what more could you ask for? Send us some weather would you? We have yuck soup here.