Thursday, April 29, 2010

This picture depicts Caroline's dressing style perfectly.  
When Caroline gets dressed, she likes to try on everything as well.
She usually goes through at least 5 full outfits a day.
From a swimsuit, to "ballets", to "beautiful gowns", to daddy's cap and a backpack.
Oh yes, and don't forget the shoes.
"How does this look?" she asks excitedly. "Do I look stylin'?"
She will also tap her chubby little pointer finger on her lip and say thoughtfully,
"Hmm...what should I wear?"
Adam says it's my dream come true to play dress-up all day
with our little girl and he is oh so right!


Mary said...

I can see her now. Just think dad and I will be able to witness this in a couple weeks. She is such a kick!!!

Sarah Z said...

How sweet is that?! Can't wait to see you and get our little girls together!

Here And Happy! said...

She's taking after her Aunt Jamilyn! Just a few weeks now until we get to see the real performances. I've missed that child so much!