Monday, February 27, 2012

Trash to Treasure

One thing I love to do is paint.  Not walls really, but furniture that can be transformed by just a simple touch of paint.
This beauty was screaming for a makeover.  We spotted it when we lived in New Hampshire.  New Hampshire was so great because if people didn't want something, instead of selling it or taking it to Goodwill, they just curbed it.  
Luckily this was just a few houses down from us because it didn't fit in our car.  We stuck it mostly hanging out of our trunk and then I drove snail paced while Adam walked and held it.
I loved how solid and well built the dresser was, but didn't so much love the butterflies.  The rest was ok, but it didn't really go with anything.
So after using it for a year and a half, I finally painted it and I enjoy it so much better!  
I kind of get on painting frenzies where I want to paint lots of things, just for a change.  
I think I will wait until we move so things don't chip.
Hooray for making someone else's trash a treasure!
Next item of business is to find an incredible old piano and paint it a cool color,
it may take some time to find the right piano.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Presidents!

Celebrating holidays around here is a treat every time.  Not just holidays like Christmas and Easter, but those holidays that are usually just thrilling to get because it means a longer weekend!
On Martin Luther King Day we went and stood on the spot that they have marked where he gave his "I have a dream" speech.  
He stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and it was invigorating to imagine the crowds of people that lined the area for his profound words.
Presidents Day is great because you can get into President Washington's estate, Mount Vernon, for free that day.
We spent all morning exploring his captivating homestead that sits on the Potomac River.
The girls really enjoyed seeing the animals of course, but Caroline was mesmerized by the soliders.  She kept asking if they were real soldiers and what they did.  She is into learning about 
everything which is the best!  She wanted to see every little building that there was to see on Mount Vernon and she asked a zillion questions.  I often feel like I don't have enough material to keep her happy, so I guess we'll just 
keep exploring places and let them do the teaching!

We met up with George himself and he was totally in character.  He was super tall, just like in real life and his physician was also following him around.  We learned that the bed in his bedroom was the actual bed that was there when he lived there.  He passed away from a throat infection from a bad batch of grapes, the same way Thomas Jefferson died.
This is the breathtaking backyard with a row of chairs to sit and enjoy the view of the river.  
Just running on the grass kept the girls happy for quite some time, and then Caroline was begging to see more.
Inside the visitor's center there is even a children's learning center with this adorable mini mansion.  The furniture in it is even antique looking, I just loved it maybe as much as the girls.
We have been spoiled with all the rich history back here!  We will have to get creative when we are back in Utah when these days roll around.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

{Baby Moon}

Last week was a busy one that flew by.  I had a conference for one of my jobs in Orlando, and Adam and I decided to take advantage and turn it into a babymoon!
We didn't think this would be possible without family close by, but many dear friends took our girls over the four and a half days and made it happen.
We are so grateful for this because let's be honest, trips will not be happening often (or at all) with 3 little chiclets and Adam starting a new busy job!
There was a lot to get ready like packing their bags, typing up instructions for everyone, organizing their clothes for each day, arranging rides for preschool from different homes, and having Caroline's valentine's ready for her class party.
I was beginning to question if all of the prep was worth it, but then we got off the plane and headed to this right away....
and saw palm trees everywhere.  Immediately I knew all of the planning and preparation were worth it.
With the warm sun and sand, palm trees above you, and the sound of the ocean waves around you, it's hard not to relax.

The conference that I attended was over a day and a half of the trip.  It's a unique atmosphere because none of the Copaxone injection training nurses really know each other because everyone works in their own state.  
One of my best friends from when I worked in the Operating Room was there though, which was so fun.  We both brought our hubbies and had fun dining, swimming, and exploring Downtown Disney.  Friday night we ate at the Rainforest Cafe and the volcano brownie did not disappoint!

During the conference, some of the patients with Multiple Sclerosis that use Copaxone came and spoke.  Their stories were inspiring and made me love my job even more.  Being there made me think of my friend manifesting symptoms of MS the day she was picked up from her mission, she was literally blind.  
It effects so many young and healthy individuals.  Many patients and friends that I have seen live with it have so much optimism, trying to look for the good in living with the disease.  
I admire them so much!

Besides attending the conference, we took a boat ride on the lake by all of the amazing Disney resorts and we went and enjoyed the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.  I had missed the girls so much and had tried to let them be without calling them all the time, but I lost it this night.  We heard a song from "Tangled" where glowing lanterns are floating in the sky and it made me want our girls.  I told Adam
that this was the last vacation without them because I just wanted them to see all we were seeing.
Every bright pink flower I saw when I went walking screamed Caroline, and the few pinecones I saw were calling to me to pick them up and take them to Olive.
I have enjoyed our time away immensely, but our time with our silly, entertaining girls is so priceless.
What is also priceless, however, is having a conversation with Adam that we can get through without about 100 interruptions.

It has been refreshing just being with Adam for so many days.  We were in our own little world and we were even asked if we were on our honeymoon.
It is really strange just doing a schedule that we plan only for us and naptime and bedtime doesn't matter.
It has felt quite foreign and it has been a nice little treat before we head back to D.C. to jump back into our schedule, pack in a couple of months, move back across the country, and start nesting for the arrival of our new addition!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Did Caroline's wish come true?

We are thrilled to say yes it did!
We are having a GIRL! and she is healthy and bouncing all over at 18 weeks in the womb.
Her tiny little feet are a.dor.a.ble and I can't wait to kiss her sweet little face.
She was camera shy and didn't want us to see her darling profile, or that she was a girl, but after 3 ultrasound techs we were successful.

I am grateful that we get to have another sweet baby in our family, soon to be family of five!
While Caroline was saying her prayer last night she said,
"Heavenly Father, I am grateful that my wish came true and that I get another baby sister."
My heart completely went to mush hearing that.
Hearing Adam ask Heavenly Father to bless "her" and that we are excited for "her" to be in mommy's tummy I couldn't hold back the tears.
I just started feeling her move which is heavenly, and often my tummy tightens and I think she is telling me to slow down and take it easy.

Luckily this classy little dress can go to use now on my own baby girl!
I picked this up the other day at the thrift store for 2 bucks and was just going to tuck it away for if not my baby, someone else's.  
I think I just knew :)
I am a sucker for sailboats and babies.
Can't wait to meet you peanut, I am already smitten.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


We've been cruisin' right along hosting Olive's Play School, and getting Caroline off to school, and going to a lot of doctors appointments.  I have officially decided to switch from Dr. "Think Good Thoughts" to one that speaks English.  He was a nice guy, but I just felt really uneasy about being in his care.  
I just love the feeling when good news comes from a doctor.  In terms of Caroline's eyes, we were blasted with great news today.  Her vision has significantly improved and we get to patch less.  She has been an awesome patcher (for 6 hours a day) and she has risen above many cutting comments from little kids on the playground.  She just explains why she has it when kids follow her and stare and say cruel things.  I love the resilience she possess right now.

Not only did the doctor blast us with good news, but Caroline throws so many funny random comments out daily.  I write most of them in her journal, but sometimes, you just gotta share.

The one that got Adam was when Caroline was talking about Halloween:
C: Mommy, can I be a princess for Halloween?
M: Sure, that would be perfect.
C:  Ok, great!  I will be a princess and Olive will be my horse!
Adam was laughing hysterically.

The other day she went back to preschool after being sick for a couple of days.  One of the teachers asked her if she was feeling better, and if she got Olive sick.  Caroline said that Olive was a different sick with an ear infection.
Then the teacher asked if Caroline got mommy sick.  Caroline responded, "No, my mommy is always sick because she is pregnant!"
A couple of teachers that hadn't heard the news yet came out to congratulate me in the car line.  
And when I offered Caroline a drink the other day she looked at me like I was crazy and said, "No thanks, I don't want to get sick."  What she means is, she doesn't want to get prego.  

It was news to me, but apparently we got a big screen.  Yea, a TV as heavy and wide as an elephant that is 27".  I know, don't be too jealous.  It is no flat screen, and I don't even think they sell TV's this wide anymore, but anytime Caroline wants to watch a movie she asks if she can watch it on the big screen.  It makes me grin every time.

And Olive singing "Rain, rain go away" is all you need for a boost on a bad day.

Everyone is on the mend and for Olive's antibiotic we did a little chart similar to this to keep track.  It totally saved my spacey pregnancy brain to make sure she was getting her medicine!  

We hit a thrift store today and I found a mirror that I am super excited about!  And instead of paying $70 to $150 like the great ones on Craigslist, I paid $7!  
I can't wait to share the find.

We are off now to find out if Caroline's wish will come true for another baby sister :)