Sunday, February 12, 2012

{Baby Moon}

Last week was a busy one that flew by.  I had a conference for one of my jobs in Orlando, and Adam and I decided to take advantage and turn it into a babymoon!
We didn't think this would be possible without family close by, but many dear friends took our girls over the four and a half days and made it happen.
We are so grateful for this because let's be honest, trips will not be happening often (or at all) with 3 little chiclets and Adam starting a new busy job!
There was a lot to get ready like packing their bags, typing up instructions for everyone, organizing their clothes for each day, arranging rides for preschool from different homes, and having Caroline's valentine's ready for her class party.
I was beginning to question if all of the prep was worth it, but then we got off the plane and headed to this right away....
and saw palm trees everywhere.  Immediately I knew all of the planning and preparation were worth it.
With the warm sun and sand, palm trees above you, and the sound of the ocean waves around you, it's hard not to relax.

The conference that I attended was over a day and a half of the trip.  It's a unique atmosphere because none of the Copaxone injection training nurses really know each other because everyone works in their own state.  
One of my best friends from when I worked in the Operating Room was there though, which was so fun.  We both brought our hubbies and had fun dining, swimming, and exploring Downtown Disney.  Friday night we ate at the Rainforest Cafe and the volcano brownie did not disappoint!

During the conference, some of the patients with Multiple Sclerosis that use Copaxone came and spoke.  Their stories were inspiring and made me love my job even more.  Being there made me think of my friend manifesting symptoms of MS the day she was picked up from her mission, she was literally blind.  
It effects so many young and healthy individuals.  Many patients and friends that I have seen live with it have so much optimism, trying to look for the good in living with the disease.  
I admire them so much!

Besides attending the conference, we took a boat ride on the lake by all of the amazing Disney resorts and we went and enjoyed the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.  I had missed the girls so much and had tried to let them be without calling them all the time, but I lost it this night.  We heard a song from "Tangled" where glowing lanterns are floating in the sky and it made me want our girls.  I told Adam
that this was the last vacation without them because I just wanted them to see all we were seeing.
Every bright pink flower I saw when I went walking screamed Caroline, and the few pinecones I saw were calling to me to pick them up and take them to Olive.
I have enjoyed our time away immensely, but our time with our silly, entertaining girls is so priceless.
What is also priceless, however, is having a conversation with Adam that we can get through without about 100 interruptions.

It has been refreshing just being with Adam for so many days.  We were in our own little world and we were even asked if we were on our honeymoon.
It is really strange just doing a schedule that we plan only for us and naptime and bedtime doesn't matter.
It has felt quite foreign and it has been a nice little treat before we head back to D.C. to jump back into our schedule, pack in a couple of months, move back across the country, and start nesting for the arrival of our new addition!


Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...

What a fun get-a-away! It is so nice to leave for a few days with the hubbs! Looks like you guys had fun and i'm sure you missed those cute kids when you got back. Oh, and darling valentines. Those are too cute!!

Erin the Mom said...

NOW I UNDERSTAND why Adam called from Disneyworld with you and no little girls! What a fun thing to get to do together. Thanks for sharing the Electric Lights Parade moment with me, AB! Great Memories.

The Winegar's said...

I'm so glad that you got to have a little get-a-way. A nice chance to get refreshed to tackle all that lies ahead: moving, finishing school, baby etc. But I bet you and the girls were excited to see each other.

Kate said...

fun trip! glad you guys got a chance to get away.

Sarah Z said...

What a blast, right?! I'm so glad you both came so we could hang out non-stop! But, you're right, I missed the kids and was super anxious to get home! Thanks again for a fun vaca...See you soon.