Monday, February 27, 2012

Trash to Treasure

One thing I love to do is paint.  Not walls really, but furniture that can be transformed by just a simple touch of paint.
This beauty was screaming for a makeover.  We spotted it when we lived in New Hampshire.  New Hampshire was so great because if people didn't want something, instead of selling it or taking it to Goodwill, they just curbed it.  
Luckily this was just a few houses down from us because it didn't fit in our car.  We stuck it mostly hanging out of our trunk and then I drove snail paced while Adam walked and held it.
I loved how solid and well built the dresser was, but didn't so much love the butterflies.  The rest was ok, but it didn't really go with anything.
So after using it for a year and a half, I finally painted it and I enjoy it so much better!  
I kind of get on painting frenzies where I want to paint lots of things, just for a change.  
I think I will wait until we move so things don't chip.
Hooray for making someone else's trash a treasure!
Next item of business is to find an incredible old piano and paint it a cool color,
it may take some time to find the right piano.


Jamilyn said...

I know where you can find a cool old piano to paint!!! Also, we have an old coffee table, and I'd love a trash to treasure painting tutorial. i can't wait for you guys to come back to Utah!

The Winegar's said...

I think it's so fun to make things "better" by painting or refinishing or whatever. Even better when you can get the item for free or for a song. Good job - the dresser looks great!!

Erin the Mom said...

Oh, yes! My kind of project! Maybe when you are back and not pregnant we can paint my kitchen on a day when Jon is gone. What do you think?