Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Presidents!

Celebrating holidays around here is a treat every time.  Not just holidays like Christmas and Easter, but those holidays that are usually just thrilling to get because it means a longer weekend!
On Martin Luther King Day we went and stood on the spot that they have marked where he gave his "I have a dream" speech.  
He stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and it was invigorating to imagine the crowds of people that lined the area for his profound words.
Presidents Day is great because you can get into President Washington's estate, Mount Vernon, for free that day.
We spent all morning exploring his captivating homestead that sits on the Potomac River.
The girls really enjoyed seeing the animals of course, but Caroline was mesmerized by the soliders.  She kept asking if they were real soldiers and what they did.  She is into learning about 
everything which is the best!  She wanted to see every little building that there was to see on Mount Vernon and she asked a zillion questions.  I often feel like I don't have enough material to keep her happy, so I guess we'll just 
keep exploring places and let them do the teaching!

We met up with George himself and he was totally in character.  He was super tall, just like in real life and his physician was also following him around.  We learned that the bed in his bedroom was the actual bed that was there when he lived there.  He passed away from a throat infection from a bad batch of grapes, the same way Thomas Jefferson died.
This is the breathtaking backyard with a row of chairs to sit and enjoy the view of the river.  
Just running on the grass kept the girls happy for quite some time, and then Caroline was begging to see more.
Inside the visitor's center there is even a children's learning center with this adorable mini mansion.  The furniture in it is even antique looking, I just loved it maybe as much as the girls.
We have been spoiled with all the rich history back here!  We will have to get creative when we are back in Utah when these days roll around.


Erin the Mom said...

How fun to get to see such wonderful, richly historical places! My boys (esp. Hyrum) would be so jealous. Miss you!

Kate said...

How fun! That's such a great thing to do on President's day. Hope you are all doing well!

The Winegar's said...

It HAS been fun to see all the historic sites back there. I'm so glad that you have taken advantage of all that is there. We'll just have to scout out all the fun places here though there aren't as many. You'll find lots of things to see.

Em said...

we miss this, and miss you!