Thursday, February 2, 2012


We've been cruisin' right along hosting Olive's Play School, and getting Caroline off to school, and going to a lot of doctors appointments.  I have officially decided to switch from Dr. "Think Good Thoughts" to one that speaks English.  He was a nice guy, but I just felt really uneasy about being in his care.  
I just love the feeling when good news comes from a doctor.  In terms of Caroline's eyes, we were blasted with great news today.  Her vision has significantly improved and we get to patch less.  She has been an awesome patcher (for 6 hours a day) and she has risen above many cutting comments from little kids on the playground.  She just explains why she has it when kids follow her and stare and say cruel things.  I love the resilience she possess right now.

Not only did the doctor blast us with good news, but Caroline throws so many funny random comments out daily.  I write most of them in her journal, but sometimes, you just gotta share.

The one that got Adam was when Caroline was talking about Halloween:
C: Mommy, can I be a princess for Halloween?
M: Sure, that would be perfect.
C:  Ok, great!  I will be a princess and Olive will be my horse!
Adam was laughing hysterically.

The other day she went back to preschool after being sick for a couple of days.  One of the teachers asked her if she was feeling better, and if she got Olive sick.  Caroline said that Olive was a different sick with an ear infection.
Then the teacher asked if Caroline got mommy sick.  Caroline responded, "No, my mommy is always sick because she is pregnant!"
A couple of teachers that hadn't heard the news yet came out to congratulate me in the car line.  
And when I offered Caroline a drink the other day she looked at me like I was crazy and said, "No thanks, I don't want to get sick."  What she means is, she doesn't want to get prego.  

It was news to me, but apparently we got a big screen.  Yea, a TV as heavy and wide as an elephant that is 27".  I know, don't be too jealous.  It is no flat screen, and I don't even think they sell TV's this wide anymore, but anytime Caroline wants to watch a movie she asks if she can watch it on the big screen.  It makes me grin every time.

And Olive singing "Rain, rain go away" is all you need for a boost on a bad day.

Everyone is on the mend and for Olive's antibiotic we did a little chart similar to this to keep track.  It totally saved my spacey pregnancy brain to make sure she was getting her medicine!  

We hit a thrift store today and I found a mirror that I am super excited about!  And instead of paying $70 to $150 like the great ones on Craigslist, I paid $7!  
I can't wait to share the find.

We are off now to find out if Caroline's wish will come true for another baby sister :)

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The Winegar's said...

I love children's comments. They make my day! Also, you med. graph is inspired. I need to do that with mine all the time. Yes, all I need is to hear the girls or to see a cute picture of them smiling and that just makes my day. Love you.