Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grateful, contented, satisfied

It was a very satisfying Thanksgiving indeed. The time spent with our little family cuddling on the couch, watching a movie together, cooking together, and just being made for a perfect day. Time spent with Adam is like a refreshing day at the beach. We are grateful that we get to add another special spirit to our family any day and that she is kicking and nudging all the time.
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I am also grateful that I had sunglasses on during the Christmas parade because the tears were flowing. Seeing Caroline's excitement during the parade may have been the most festive thing I will see all season.

We enjoyed being with close friends who are like family for our feast. It's incredible how close we've become to friends out here only after a few months. It's makes the pang of missing family traditions at home not so painful.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Once upon a dream...

I am overwhelmed by the joy that I feel from being a mother. It's amazing to be fascinated by every move that this little delightful person makes. I want to tell everyone about everything she does, such as how she guzzles down her yogurt and looks at me with a yogurt mustache and smiles saying, "That is pretty dewishes (delicious) mom!" Moments like that happen countless times throughout the day. Times when I think my heart can't possibly grow any bigger and hold any more love because it's already bursting, it still grows. And still grows more.
Tonight after dinner we were all enjoying some ice cream together on the couch. Caroline had assigned us all crowns to wear as we dined on our royal treat. When we had finished, she got up and walked over to the chair and started to lie down. Then she said, "Kiss me," and covered her eyes by draping her arm over them. Adam replied, "Oh, are you a princess?" Keeping her eyes covered she nodded her head.
So Adam, or Prince Charming, gave Caroline a kiss and she sat up and smiled. (I was crying by this time because I was laughing so hard!) She gave her prince the biggest hug. Then she put on her hat and stated, "I'll put my hat on now for true love's kiss."
She reclined, yet again, and waited patiently for true love's kiss. When she sat up again, she took Adam to our room and started singing, "I know you I walked with you once upon a dream.." It's just not hard to see why these little ones have us smitten.

Adam's crown was a lovely feather headdress that Caroline and I made yesterday for the Thanksgiving season
Waiting patiently for 'true love's kiss'

(The filming starts with her saying "the look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam...")

Monday, November 16, 2009

Still cookin'

Like I said before, if this little baby was on the timeline that Caroline was on, she would be here. We are glad she is happy where she is and packin' on some more ounces. I am very nervous for labor because I didn't have any time to think about it last time! Here is how it went with Caroline for those of you that don't know.
I had just arrived back from lunch and went back to the operating room I was working in that day. I was helping with a heart surgery and was trying to be very attentive. Well, that's embarrassing I thought...hmmm, I must have peed my pants a little. This wasn't a big surprise as sneezing and pregnancy brings on little problems like that. I continued on helping out with the case. Then I had a feeling to page my doctor, which I did. Fifteen minutes went response. So, I called Labor and Delivery and said, "Hi, this is really dumb, but I am 36 weeks along and I know I just peed my pants, but thought I should call to make sure I didn't need to do anything. I'm not having any contractions."

They responded and said, "Looks like you're done. Come in to the hospital."
Me: "I am here."
L&D: "Call your husband."
Me: "He is here, we work in the operating room."
L&D: "See you in a minute."

I voice-paged Adam with a shaky voice that was trying to hold back all the emotion that was flooding in. I was whisked away upstairs and when it was confirmed my water had broken, we were nervous but so excited.
So, as I went to bed last night I thought, this could be it. I am sure I will be thinking that everyday now. I do love this anticipation. A family of four, that has a sweet little ring to it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Study Dad

Adam has two nicknames that Caroline calls him regularly, Babe Dad and more recently, Study Dad. Both are very appropriate names and we still smile and chuckle every time she says one of them. Since daddy is 'Study Dad' a lot, Caroline likes to "go to daddy's school" when we are home playing. She will put shoes on, say, "Mommy, I need a bow," grab her backpack (which is a little cardboard book holder with a handle)and then go to the door and say, "Bye, see ya, I love you!"
Here are some times when it's just good 'ol Babe Dad spending time with his little girl.
Spending time with family, the Kofford's, up in Hanover, Vermont. We love being so close to them, but hope that visits become more frequent.

Caroline and baby Chase, as she calls him

Every Friday we get to meet dad for lunch at White Park

Note: She wears the orange paper crown every day and the tutu. She twirls all day, sighs very deeply and sweetly says, "It's a wonderful dream come true" or "It's the most beautiful gown"

Monday, November 9, 2009

As requested by many, here are some belly pics. 35 weeks along this week, so if this little peanut is on a timeline like Caroline, in 1 week she would be here. So from our past experience, I have a bag packed and ready for me and for Caroline, in case she is early. We are hoping that she wants to stay cozy, right where she is for a little longer. I am a little nervous to experience the last month of pregnancy since I missed out on that last time. So far, no complaints, I feel really good.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween was a great way to ring in this holiday season. I found it very funny that when I went to buy Halloween candy 2 days before Halloween, the entire section that had Halloween candy before, then had Christmas candy. One holiday at a time please! Having Caroline so excited for Halloween made it so memorable for Adam and I. I thought I loved holidays, birthdays, etc. before, but having a child has made it that much more enriching.
We had our ward trunk or treat Friday night and Caroline was a doctor/nurse, Adam was a doctor, and I was a patient. Caroline had her own name badge, which she loved. My costume wasn't very flattering (which wasn't surprising, it was a patient gown) and I realized that for sure when some of the girls in my Activity Days group came and said, "Is your belly really THAT BIG?" I loved saying, "Yes, we have a new little baby coming so soon!" When we were going through the family costume parade and voting, in the microphone Caroline introduced our costume by saying, "Push mommy, push." We don't know where she got that, but loved her creative title for our costume.
I especially loved Adam's costume because seeing him in scrubs reminds me of the first day we met. I was smitten...and still am.

This picture looks like we are at a cheesy portrait studio, but no, it's just the ward gym.

We went Trick or Treating on Auburn Street Halloween night. It was like a scene straight out of a movie. Lots of people everywhere, but not so many that you couldn't enjoy yourself. The homes on Auburn Street are beautiful and classy and I love to look at them. One home has served ice cream on Halloween for years so we were able to enjoy a sherbet cone on our candy journey. It hit the spot.
Caroline was able to show our Utah spirit that night, although we were not in Utah for the game. We were pleasantly surprised when some people would yell out, "Yea Utah" or "Utah Utes". Here she is with Avi and Eden (the darling witches) and cute Juliet.

Halley took this picture, but I had to post it because I can't get a good picture of this busy absolutely darling little Levi! I adore this kid and so does Caroline. If you say his name she scrunches her face, tilts her head and in a high voice says, "Oh Levi, he's so cute!"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Andrea W. Beckstrom, APRN

Caroline and I just wanted to say how proud we are of our mommy! Andrea passed her Certification Exam to be fully licensed as an Adult and Family Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (APRN). After working for more than a year in Salt Lake City to fulfill her intern requirement, and spending many hours studying during Caroline's naps here in New Hampshire, Andrea passed her test with flying colors. We love you honey and we are so proud of you!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I was feeling large and in great need of some physical activity the other day. I am so glad I felt that way because we went out for a gorgeous walk. Caroline was rolling and tromping through the large piles of leaves and it was nostalgic for me and the days of doing that myself. She then proceeded to roll on a huge lawn covered in leaves and said, "Mommy lay down." It was good she told me to because then I got to look up and see...

THIS! Layers and layers of branches with bright yellow leaves.

This is the park right across from Adam's school. The leaves just seem to keep getting more vibrant. I love New England fall!