Monday, November 16, 2009

Still cookin'

Like I said before, if this little baby was on the timeline that Caroline was on, she would be here. We are glad she is happy where she is and packin' on some more ounces. I am very nervous for labor because I didn't have any time to think about it last time! Here is how it went with Caroline for those of you that don't know.
I had just arrived back from lunch and went back to the operating room I was working in that day. I was helping with a heart surgery and was trying to be very attentive. Well, that's embarrassing I thought...hmmm, I must have peed my pants a little. This wasn't a big surprise as sneezing and pregnancy brings on little problems like that. I continued on helping out with the case. Then I had a feeling to page my doctor, which I did. Fifteen minutes went response. So, I called Labor and Delivery and said, "Hi, this is really dumb, but I am 36 weeks along and I know I just peed my pants, but thought I should call to make sure I didn't need to do anything. I'm not having any contractions."

They responded and said, "Looks like you're done. Come in to the hospital."
Me: "I am here."
L&D: "Call your husband."
Me: "He is here, we work in the operating room."
L&D: "See you in a minute."

I voice-paged Adam with a shaky voice that was trying to hold back all the emotion that was flooding in. I was whisked away upstairs and when it was confirmed my water had broken, we were nervous but so excited.
So, as I went to bed last night I thought, this could be it. I am sure I will be thinking that everyday now. I do love this anticipation. A family of four, that has a sweet little ring to it.


Miranda said...

Crazy. I love that you were both just there. One elevator ride away!! I had a dual due-date. May 4th was from the OB's office, April 30th was from the 9 week US. Of course I decided that the 30th was better:) So, I thought it was just hopeful anticipation when I decided to pack up my desk and take home ALL of my personal belongings from work when I headed home on the 30th (I was scheduled through the 9th, just in case!) I know now it was probably more mother's intuition, because around 11:30 pm Milo decided he was ready to begin his entrance. He was born the 1st. We're excited to see when family member number four decides she is ready!

p.s. enjoy The Family Place, it's the BEST!!

Here And Happy! said...

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. The way I remember it was answering my cell phone in the front yard having just returned from school, hearing Adam's somewhat strained voice say "Guess what we're doing today...we're having a baby!" I burst into tears, because I'd selfishly prayed that Caroline could be a "little bit" early so I wouldn't miss her birth, as I was leaving for Romania. I felt SO responsible!!! Was that arrogant?
Bake on, L'il Pea. We're a comin'!

Mary said...

That was an exciting time and I got to be there for the birth. I remember sitting in the room knitting and visiting and then Caroline came. I can't wait for this little nugget to come too. If I have my druthers I would like her to come somewhere around the
7th of Dec. That's when I will be coming back. Hey, I just thought Dad's birthday is the 6th. That would be a good day too. Time will tell but it will be great whenever she comes.

corinne said...

Yay, I am so excited she is deciding to cook a little more...I better be one of the first people you call right when she arrives!!!! I can't wait to see her! Give Caroline a huge smooch for me.

Ann Marie said...

I had no idea Caroline was so accomidating, how lucky is that. Good luck with the next one!

Dan and Jen said...

When I was pregnant with Sydney, one of my fears was that my water would break at work. Dan, on the other hand, said that if my water was going to break, please let it break at work so he didn't have to clean it up.

This baby could be here any time! That is so exciting! I was a day late with Syd and so with Sawyer, when I reached the day after my due date I thought, "Ok, tonight is the night." He came 6 days later, with some extra proding.

It's funny how you almost expect that the experience will be just like the one before. That is great that this little one is holding strong. Good luck! Can't wait to hear when she makes her entrance!

Emily Snow said...

that is the worst wondering every night if this is it and waking up at every braxton contraction wondering if it is real! Hopefully she'll wait until after thanksgiving so you can enjoy the holiday! maybe you can eat so much hat you'll go into labor! good luck with all of this.