Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to our little joy! Caroline's party was such a blast and we loved having all of our family there. She loved her "party dress" and has wanted to wear it everyday since the party. She was excited about everything that went on and whenever she walks by the banner she says, "Happy Birthday!" Forget celebrating my birthday anymore (which is quite a statement from me) I am ready to plan the next party for her. Adam and I had as much fun watching her reactions as she had during the party.

She was so excited to sing Happy Birthday and to blow out the candles

Caroline had lots of help from Liam and Andrew T. while opening presents.

We played pin the candle on the cupcake which was pretty funny because it wasn't very easy for the little toddlers to walk with a blindfold!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coming soon to a family near you....

Caroline's birthday is in just 1 week and we can't wait to tell about the best gift she is getting....she is going to be a
We are ecstatic and are trying to patiently await the arrival date of December 17th. The first trimester went well, and Caroline has been diligent in helping the baby get nutrient's via mommy's belly button by sharing her sippy cups of milk, her fruit snacks, cheese, and much more. She adores babies and every time we see one, she just wants to stop and stare at them and kiss them. So, it truly is the greatest gift as Caroline acts so ready to have a new little one around. We are so ready for another sweet little peanut!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Caroline update

Caroline is busy keeping us laughing and being very active. Some of her new comedy acts are...
-calling Crystal Light "Crystal Life" (I ask her to say it over and over)
-She loves stretching out between the couch and the coffee table and then she says, "Yoga" or lately she also says "Stretching". She pulls the yoga move at church between benches, on patio furniture, anywhere she can get her downward dog move going.
-She has come up with new exfoliating masks for her face such as peanut butter, ketchup, ritz crackers...and her skin looks great!
-She can't get enough of spinning in circles and yelling "Circles, Circles!" Then she will pause, look quite unsteady and try to walk, and yes there have been some funny dives into the floor.
-She loves bugs and will lay down on the cement right by them and say, "I see some! Hi bugs!"
-High pitch screaming is another painful, but often funny talent? At the bees game last week she sounded like a high pitch firework going off. Everyone around us was laughing, which she thought was great. Although it hurts the eardrums, it's hard not to laugh.