Friday, April 23, 2010

Today's thrills

Hooray to Adam for attending his last classes of his first year of law school today!
Finals are still to come, but we are so proud of the dedication, day in and day out
that we have seen.  
He has taught me a lot about not complaining.  I have not heard him
complain once.  
No comment about continual lack of sleep, endless studying, stressful exams
and papers.  I love his example!
He comes home to us with a smile, even if his head is aching from working so hard all day.   

The trip to the grocery store went well with both girls today.
I know, you're thinking, the grocery store a thrill!?
But when it goes smooth, it's bliss.
Caroline was raving about everything on the list:
"Hamburger, oh I LOVE hamburger!"
"Mommy, BANANAS!  Oo, yum."
"Oh, orange juice, that's a GREAT idea mom!"
I never want to forget her cute little animated voice.

Caroline's little friend Thomas was over today and they crack me up.
Most of the time they are so polite to each other and
sound so mature.
The girl/boy dynamic is so great.
"Thomas, would you like a princess sticker?"
"No thanks, do you have any boy stickers?"
They usually end up laughing hysterically during lunch 
over what?  I never can quite tell.

My mom's email that said in a humungo font "20 DAYS"!
Yes the countdown is on 'till we arrive in SLC.
I can't wait for family to squeeze, snuggle, hug, and love our girls.

Showering sweet baby Olive and having her smell like baby lotion after.
I heart that smell.


Mary said...

I love you and love that everything is going so well back there. Can't wait to hug, kiss etc. the girls and you too in almost 19 days!!!

Sarah Z said...

I am big complainer myself, it's nice to have an example in your hubby huh? Can't wait to see you!

Adam B said...

Hooray for the last day of first year classes! Thanks for all you do to make my life easy so that I have nothing to complain about. What a cute picture of my girls too!!! I love you babe.

Corinne said...

OH my heck, I can just hear Caroline saying all of that. I love love love her. I will have to send some boy stickers but how cute that she wants to share. I was at the gap the other day with liam trying to talk him into a hot pink and blue striped polo and he said "ew mom, it's kindof pinkie". Whatever.

I am soo soo soooooo excited for Adam. He is a wonderful person and congrats on finishing his first year of law school!

Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!

Dan and Jen said...

One year down! That is a great accomplishment for Adam! And for you and your girls. Congratulations!

I think Sydney would love Caroline. She sounds like such the cutie! I love it when Syd has little play dates with boys. It is such a different dynamic. I love to watch how everything unfolds and how they interpret things differently.

I hope you have a fun trip home.

Here And Happy! said...

Caroline is so entertaining. She has the happiest outlook on everything ever made...wonder where that comes from?!!Our son is a transformer--not that his former personality was all that bad, but--he's really workin' it for ya'll, babe girls! (woa, Texas influence!)YOU'RE ALMOST HOME! :0D

cuzimmom said...

Sarah needs your address, unless there isn't time to get letters, etc before you guys come to Utah. Email it to or Thanks