Friday, September 7, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Nothing compares to being out in the open air!  We have had a lot of fun adventures this summer out in the beauty of Utah.  Nature does something magical for children.  The vast amount of space and countless new textures lures them into a state of endless awe.  
While we were down in St. George we went looking for petrified wood.  The place where we explored was right outside of Zion's National Park.  It was a perfect cloud cover day to keep the southern temps reasonable for being outside without a pool.
We found lots of great pieces and one is in our garden at our home!

Not only did we bring home lots of petrified wood, but Olive made sure we had all of the pinecones and other treasures she scooped up.

Another incredible day was spent in the Uinta's at Trial Lake.  Adam and his dad camped overnight, and the girls and I met them in the morning.  It was invigorating to be up in the mountains with the crisp morning air.  We fished most of the morning and then had some lunch before we headed out on the canoe.

We knew it was a day well spent because the girls were completely covered in mud.  I love filthy little kids because it means a day of complete fun!

Olive and Caroline both caught fish and reeled them in with the help of Daddy and Grandpa B.  Olive had a love hate relationship with the fish that she caught.
She is so disgusted here that she just had to spit at the fish.

She was also overjoyed that it was her very own fish!
"It's fo me!?"

Ahhh, nasty, get that scaly, slimy thing away from me!  

These are the only fish that I caught that day.  I think I will keep them and be entertained forever by watching them attempt to make fish faces.

I really wanted to go up every weekend after that, but life kind of got in the way of my plan.  
It was the perfect little getaway for our family with new sweet baby Jane.

Daddy is pretty lucky to have two little fisherkin.  They had a ball and were proud of their catch of the day!
It you are ever having a bad day and are close to the mountains, just take a drive and spend the morning or the day up there and I promise you will feel 100% blissful!

(sorry for the fuzz, it's a phone pic)

And just because she was not well represented in this post and she is such a love, here is pleasant Jane, who even has a sweet cry that melts my heart.


Erin the Mom said...

akI LOVE Olive's reaction to the fish. Classic!

Halley said...

Fun family day! I totally agree that the mountains completely recharge us. That baby Jane... So cute! Good job on that last picture! It is so sweet! Post more!