Wednesday, November 7, 2012

*Happy Halloween!*

What a holiday we had!  It was a good old fashioned Halloween, with trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhood and all.  We have not just taken off from our home and gone to all the neighbors on Halloween in years!  It was so fun to see what spooks and silliness went on in our neighborhood.  We loved it!!
We had so much fun dressing up several times for different events, the celebrating just continued on and on.
We loved taking our flower and two little bees out on the town.

We started off the candy extravaganza at Adam's work, where they had trick-or-treating. 
They went all out and totally decked the office out!  One group created the Gnomeo and Juliet movie, have you seen it?  The girls and I caught it on Netflix once and Caroline loved it.  

Another area had all the details of Harry Potter.  Fake potions, candles hanging from the ceiling, and Dumbledore was even there!

You wouldn't mind getting stung by this little sweet bee now would you!?  

These two could.not.contain.their.excitiment!  I always say this, but nothing is better than enjoying your children on holidays.  They make everything brighter, richer, and more festive!

The girls scored about 10 pounds of candy each it seemed.  The little girls were booking it from house to house, we could seriously hardly keep up.  We were exhausted when we got home and slept in the next day, which made Caroline miss the bus.  We did not even care, we were too tired to rush, we just enjoyed our morning.
We love our friends in the area.  We are so blessed to have tons of little girls around that are so fun to have for playdates!  

And now for the endless sugar rush until after the New Year!


The Winegar's said...

I'm glad that you had so much fun and the girls were darling!!!

Jamilyn said...

Oooo, your bee hatcher suites are cool! We never got to see them in person. I still can't get over babe bee Jane. What a sweetheart.

Halley said...

So cute! Annie was a bee too! Levi wanted to be Buzz Lightyear so Annie was Baby Buzz. :-)
We sure miss you guys. Give those cuties a squeeze for us.