Thursday, November 15, 2012

Farewell Fall

Snow fell nonstop all last weekend. 
 We built two snowmen, one named Snowman, the other named Frosty. We lost power for half a day and had a cozy sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Winegars.  Fall is officially over and we have been enjoying the 18" of snow.

Here are the last little bits of our long and beautiful fall.  
Gardner Village with the Winegar cousins.  This is the day that my cute sister surprised us with a tiny pumpkin and said they are "adding another pumpkin to their patch!"  Boy number 5 is on his way and that announcement brought me to tears.  We are thrilled for them!

Another day at Gardner Village with friends in 70 degree weather.  The girls spent most of their time enjoying the company of the horses.  I have always loved horseback riding and would absolutely love to have horses.  Dream on, I know.  It was fun to see the girls be so into them as well though!

We have continued on with our joyous play school that we were involved in back in Virginia.  Caroline was off early the day I hosted and she had all 7 little toddlers eyes on her.  She lead the music, told Halloween stories, and had them dance.  I may keep her home on the days I host and she doesn't have a short day :)  She made it so easy!
Farewell Fall, you were lovely!

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