Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mr. Berkeley

I have been wondering why I can't find the time to blog.  I guess blogging was more of a necessity when we lived away because our family didn't get to see the girls all the time.  They weren't involved in all of the activities that we were doing.  Now that our families are living our life with us, I guess I just slack on posting about our lives.
I miss having more updates though more for the sake of our own memory book.
I love printing the blog out and having a book with all of our pictures and priceless times.
Hopefully after the holidays I will visit here more often!  This week is crazy with something every night of the week...including Olive's 3rd birthday!!

For now, meet David Berkeley.
We spent a very cozy evening with him and other friends a couple of weeks ago.
Our friends said that they were going to have an intimate house concert and that we should come.
We had no idea who this guy was, but they mentioned the buzz word of "Guster", who he opened for several years ago, and we were in for sure after that.  We also invited our cool sister and bro-in-law, Jamilyn & Nathan.

Right when he walked in the door I feel like we all had an instant connection to this laid back, chill guy.
As he set up all of his equipment, he was just talking to us about his day, why he flew to Utah...and yet he was hilarious!  He wasn't trying to be charming and funny, but he just couldn't help it.
He writes all of his own songs and they have really amazing stories behind them.  One of which is about his life abroad in Corsica.
We relaxed by the fire, chowed incredible food and listened to all of his wonderfulness.
Thank you David, come again soon!


Jill T said...

I would have loved it! Wish I could have been there. I miss you and your cute fam so much. I have enjoyed catching up on your blog and I LOVED YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! Once again the Beckstroms did not disappoint! Also, I love love love Jane's cute announcement. She is beautiful.

Erin the Mom said...

Sounds like this guy was lots of fun to hear. I know Jamilyn really enjoyed it, too! I love your blog, keep it coming!