Monday, October 4, 2010

A very {sweet} day

This was a particularly favorite Saturday of mine.  I love when there are lots of fun things to do, and this day was not lacking in that department.  We went to our first Nationals, or Nats, game.  I don't really even care if I see any of the game to be honest, which I didn't.  I just love the atmosphere.  I do not like hot dogs, but at a major league baseball game, somehow they taste DIVINE to me!  
No baseball game is complete without the fine stories of Amelia Bedelia.  

During the game, they had a mascot bobble head race with big heads of Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Jefferson.  Caroline enjoyed watching it, and she was especially excited to see them saying hello to people as we left the game.  She pointed at them and said, "There is President Monson!"  We laughed and explained that they were presidents of the United States.  She thought about this and then said, "Well, where is President Eyring?!"

After the game we went to our little friend Afton's party.  She was turning one, and it was a perfect little event.  
To see the darling birthday girl and more details of this palate pleasing party go here.


Mary said...

Mmmmm a Boston Red Socks hat at the Nats game? She looks darling BTW. It looks like you are settling in very well with all the activities. I think it's darling the way Caroline talks about the Presidents. She knows her priorities!! So that party is from your favorite Blog? I was on there a little while ago and saw the cute party ideas. Fun.

Here And Happy! said...

So, there's fun to be had in Virginia? Hurray! The girls look so darling. I know what you mean about atmosphere--the setting is 9/10ths of the fun sometimes! Thanks for sharing happy with us, stuck back in T-ville.

Corinne said...

This party is TO. DIE. FOR! How super cute! It almost makes me think that I want a girl. To much stress.

Sarah Z said...

How fun! And nice that Adam was in on the fun this time.