Monday, October 18, 2010

Playing tourist

D.C. is proving to be a mecca for non-stop entertainment!  There are endless things to do with the kids and also incredible settings for date nights.  I heart this city!
Our dear neighbors offered to "monitor sit" the other night (which is the greatest thing that we do ever!) and so Adam and I went out on the town.
We went to the Lincoln Memorial which is lit up and so majestic at night.  We cuddled up in a blanket and enjoyed our rich ice cream as we sat on the steps.  As we were sitting there, fireworks went off over by the Jefferson Memorial.  Fireworks are the best. thing. ever.  So are date nights.  

On a side note, the other day Adam and I were talking about how when you live somewhere with incredible things, often its hard to get away to take advantage of them.  Many times in Utah, people from out of town would say, "You must go skiing ALL the time, like every week."  Sadly, that didn't happen nor did driving up the canyon every week.  So while we are here in our Nation's Capital, we plan to play tourist often.  

The Korean War Memorial is a hidden little jem, tucked away to the side of the Lincoln Memorial.  It is one of my favorites because you feel like you are right there on the battle ground with the soldiers.  It evokes some intense emotions.
The Iwo Jima, or Marine Corps Memorial, depicts one of the most famous incidents of World War II, when the U.S. raised the flag on Mount Suribachi.  
The girls can never get enough of a cozy picnic in any of the picturesque settings around.  But watch out for little Olive, she will dip her little fingers in your Clementine soda faster than you can grab it! 
Whenever we are in Old Town Alexandria I want to call everyone I know and tell them to book their plane tickets!  Could there be anything more charming with ivy, red brick sidewalks, cobblestone roads, and candlelit lanterns?
And it's like this little one is in the womb again because in all our travels she is strapped to my front in the Baby Bjorn.  She happily kicks her feet and munches on snacks as we sightsee.  When out of the Bjorn, however, she is stepping from the coffee table to the couch and from chair to chair.  Caroline's little rocking chair also comes in handy for a walker.  I need good tips on how to slow time down.  Until then, I will just kiss my two little ones 20 chubby little fingers each day.


Erica Huff said...

Your girls are so beautiful! We are glad that you are enjoying your time in D.C. It seems so wonderful! We love in a HUGE, UGLY city. So jealous!

Kate said...

HOW FUN! all your pictures make me wish we were there, both sight-seeing and visiting you guys!

Sarah Z said...

OMGoodness girl! I just booked MY ticket!! How fun is all of that?! Your girls are darling as ever & so are you and Adam! Looks like the best time...we really may have to come play tourist with you!

Here And Happy! said...

Those adorable chubby cheeks are calling our names! Your descriptions of your culture-rich home too--how can we wait?!!

Mary said...

Isn't it incredible that you are living where you are and have all that history to enjoy? It's good that you will be there for 2 years so that you hopefully can see it all! It's so wonderful for the girls too and the pink sweater and hat are holding up well. Olive looks darling in the ensamble. We're so crafty, aren't we?

Morgan & Geoff said...

Love the pic of Iwo...just a few blocks from our old apartment! And yes, Old Town was one of my favorite things as well.

Sherrie said...

I lived in Old Town for awhile and LOVED it there! DC area has SO much to do! Happy to see you guys are enjoying it out there. I can't believe how big your kids have gotten - they are dolls!