Thursday, September 18, 2008

Washington D.C.

Over Labor Day weekend we took a trip to our nation's capital and visited some dear friends, Jess and John Gardner. It would have never been possible without them....thanks guys! We had such a good time hanging out and watching our crazy kids interact. Even though I did an internship in D.C. for 4 months, it was amazing to realize how much I missed seeing while I was there. It seems that my priorities were a little skewed as an intern...(i.e. using D.C. as a "gateway to the world" as our bosses put it, we took trips to New York x 4, Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Vermont, the Outerbanks in North Carolina, and to top it off, a weekend in Iceland). While seeing the world, I apparently missed many of the highlights right in D.C. Adam went to Washington to see Washington, he wanted to know what every statue, building, etc. was and the story behind it. It was fun to discover new sights with him, like the Library of Congress pictured above. Also pictured are the Washington Monument and the WWII Memorial. On our last day there we got to see Abby, Chase, and Sadie Cannon who were moving back there and just arrived that day. They were so nice and came to say hello. It was the best trip.

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