Saturday, September 3, 2011

Real life

We are back!..and real life has begun again for us.  We have returned to D.C. apparently at a good time, after all of the natural disaster scares.  I knew summer was overall really relaxed (in a strange, move-3-times and live out of suitcases, sort of way), but I didn't quite grasp that feeling until being back where real life does happen.  Appointments need to be kept, cars need to be registered, pre-school orientation needs to be attended, fun must be had with all of our incredible friends out here, boxes need to be unpacked  so we can start living.  All things considered, I was a bit anxious the morning after our arrival.  Realizing our extended vacation was over was bittersweet.  I loved how Adam said, "Just remember, nothing HAS to get done today."  It was the perfect thing to say dear hubby.  Those words ran through my head several times that first day as I walked to and from the gas station while getting the inspection done.  

We have been hard at work reorganizing our place.  Going through all of our stuff has been overwhelming.  In New York we started out without a single toy.  A friend gave us some that she was getting rid of and so we had a few more, but that was it.  It was a liberating experience to have such minimal stuff!  There wasn't much to clean up, the place was so uncluttered and refreshing to be in.  I loved it.  After going through all of our boxes, I told Adam that if I come home with ANYTHING new that he should give me the self-issued advice, "take it back dear."  At the end of our third day of unpacking, I told Adam that there were two boxes that were still down in our storage space that needed to come up.  When he arrived with the boxes he asked, "How many boxes did you say, two?. . .how about nine!"  Needless to say, our family of four definitely fills out our two bedroom apartment.  

Today, after emerging from our nine unexpected boxes of clothes, children's books, picture frames, toys, etc. we went on a much needed outing.  We were on our way to the Dairy Godmother in Del Ray, but realized it was too close to dinner for such a sweet treat.  Instead we headed to a staircase on the Potomac behind the Lincoln Memorial.  I have driven past these stairs several times while on my way to the zoo and I have always wanted to just go sit on them and watch the boats or crew teams pass by.  I had no idea where to park to get to them, but we found the road just the other day.  
It was a perfect spot for relaxing..
Sweet shoe loving Olive chose rain boots as her sixth pair today, and the ones that she wanted to walk around the 80 degree weather in.  She doesn't lie when she says, "I schweet."  We couldn't agree more.
We walked across the Memorial Bridge and actually chose a granite bench on the bridge to have our picnic.  We thought it was a funny place to stop and eat after we realized we were sitting right by the road.  I hadn't even noticed the cars because the water was so soothing to just sit and stare at.  
The next little gem that I have had my eye on is the little path that sits between those trees.  It is right across from the lovely staircase.  Whenever we take Adam to school, I get all pumped up seeing the runners enjoying their morning along there.  I can't wait to join a very s.l.o.w. pace.  

As we drove home we were feeling rejuvinated and thrilled to go home to our clean apartment!  I turned around to see our little girls, only to find their sweet little hands clasped so tenderly.  
I sure do get excited to hang out with them everyday, this current stage just might be my favorite.


The Winegar's said...

I surely do miss this stage that they are in. I'm glad that I was able to be apart of it this summer. I'm glad that you are organized and ready for your last year there. With all there is to do back there you still have adventures to go.

Sarah Z said...

I can't believe your gone already! Sprry we weren't able to hang out. But geez...I'd rather be sitting on those steps anyways. It looks beautiful there! Let me know if you need any help with your injection trainings. Call me before your first one!

Erin the Mom said...

Oh my gosh, what a darling picture of the girls' clasped hands. Andrea, I love your positivity and your passion for the little details that make life fun. We miss you guys already.

Scott said...

Okay Andrea,
While you are back in D.C. you absolutely need to drive up to Chadds Forde, PA. Only about 2.5 hours. Go to the Brandywine River Art Museum and look at the N.C. and Andrew Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth paintings. # generations of artists. Make sure to take the N.C. Wyeth studio tour and tour the Kuerner Farm tour. It would be an awesome thing to do for the fall.
The girls might think it boring though.