Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hoppiest place on earth!

The crisp and fragrant season of fall is upon us and so is the wonderful anticipation of school beginning.  
I was always beyond excited for school to start.  New class, new teacher, new pencils and fresh new clothes.
I was even known to sleep with my socks on so that I could get ready faster in the morning.
Caroline couldn't wait get back to Preschool!  We knew that Mrs. Lockard was going to be her teacher and Caroline was thrilled.   Last year whenever she would walk Caroline to the car, I could just tell little C had a special place in Mrs. Lockard's heart.  It was so comforting to know that all of the zest for life that Caroline has, was appreciated by her teacher.
There were no tears from me or Caroline this year at drop off....just huge smiles as we took her into the frog class.
Picking her up is the greatest part of the day!  She loved telling me how she played Rapunzel on the playground with Joanna, and how she saw Annabelle and gave her a big hug, and that she poured her own water at snack.

While we were driving home, she couldn't wait to show me the portrait she made for me and daddy.  
"See mom!  I have blonde hair, and blue eyes.  There's my glasses, and I have bangs.  
And I gave myself a check mark smile!  See!?"

Make room walls, there is a lot of original artwork coming in to fill you up.


Adam B said...

Oh, Ijust love our little C!!! Thanks for sharing the sweet picture and stories from her day at school. I am glad that she has such a wonderful mom to rush home to and share her experiences with. I love my girls!!!

Corinne said...

So adorable! She has a knack for art :).

The Winegar's said...

I am so happy that she loves to learn, her teacher and preschool. I would like an original from Caroline so I can frame it and put it into my new sewing room. No hurry - just some time in the future. Because I just love her self portrait.

Jill T said...

Totally and completely darling!!!! I love her portrait. That is so cute.

Erin the Mom said...

What a great job on your portrait, Caroline, it looks so much like you! So glad you love your preschool.