Sunday, August 21, 2011

I love hearing about new good ideas from people.  Ideas that make you so excited that you can barely sit still.  While in New York, there was a discussion about talents and it came out that one of the darling girls there had a talent of always having the Ensign with her.  She was always reading good things and had the magazine in her bag.  I just loved this idea and loved what this incredible woman always had to say, so I thought I would try to do that.  Try to fill any moments when you are waiting somewhere or have a little downtime with lots of words of inspiration from the leaders of our church.  Try to have something in the diaper bag that would help make changes in my life, and we're not talking about diapers and wipes.
Well, in Bear Lake there was lots of that hard to find relaxation "downtime" and the idea was put to the test.  I share this because it has made me so happy and things have happened.  Conversations that have needed to happen have had a chance to begin, relationships are being filled with more and more love, promptings are more readily felt.  
I am telling you she is on to something by doing this and I grateful that this unique talent was recognized so that it could benefit others.

And thanks to Hailey and baby Ava for the much needed getaway and to Em and Dave for the family downtime at the pool!  

 (Incredible Jamilyn brought these to the pool and I just love them and can't wait to make them for Caroline's preschool :)

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The Winegar's said...

Those pictures of the girls are adorable. Yes, you are on to something reading the Ensign during the "downtimes". One thing I learned was when reading scripture (or the Ensign) when your mind wanders and you are thinking of whatever - write it down because, chances are, you are receiving a prompting. You may think it is nonsense but many times it is something that needs to be dealt with.