Sunday, August 14, 2011

Now that we've been in Utah for several weeks now, being in New York seems like it was a dream.
I have looked through all of our pictures and a huge smile has been on my face thinking of
all of the exciting, unique, tiring adventures that we had.
I have missed the free concerts in Central Park, grabbing a bagel from Absolute around the corner from our little apartment, and the laughing when Caroline shouts and points, "Mom, she is not dressed modest!"
The last weekend I was there was jam packed and we for sure left with a bang.
A trip with my family is always an assured wonderful time and we were able to spend the last weekend there with them.  I had met them up in Cooperstown, NY for our nephews baseball tournament (and so they could watch the girls for a few days..thanks!) and then a wild trip began.

Niagra Falls was as magestic as ever and we loved riding on the Maid of the Mist boat at the bottom of the falls.
Nothing more American than a good old baseball game.  We didn't know how much Olive would enjoy watching the Mets play....
but she and I enjoyed drawing pictures with chalk and also putting stickers everywhere.  After a few innings,
she was ready to hit the seats and show us her modified pony dance. 
Our nephews were pumped to see Times Square, and my dad was fired up to see the ginormous Mormon ad that is right in the heart of the shops, taxis, and people.  When you see it among all of the advertising in Times Square, chills spread over your whole body.  People are talking my friends, and big things are happening.  I absolutely love it.
The Empire State Builing was Caroline's favorite part of the day.
and mine was being with family.  It was so fun to be together and to share such a memorable time.
My cute sister has 4 boys and is an amazing mother, they are the dearest boys and we just crave to be around their cuteness.
I am craving a slice of this right now, and if you don't go to Lombardi's, another great place is Grimaldi's.  Grab some pizza and then walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, that is a nice way to spend an afternoon.
Goodbye New York and hello D.C.!  Yes, we stopped in D.C. briefly before our big road trip home.  This was a perfect stop so that I could drop off a lot of our stuff to lighten our load for our flight later on.
I must say that I am not sad that I haven't been living in D.C. this summer, it was even more humid than New York. 
I love sightseeing with my dad though.  He LOVES history and gets beyond excited about it.  Ford's Theater was fun to see again, Olive was into it for about 1 minute and then we hung out and ate Smarties.
The countdown is on though until we return to our home!  Yes, we have a real apartment that now seems so spacious and wonderful.  The schools we know and love are there, friends that we miss, doctors that we know.  It all seems to easy and nice.  It's sad but one thing I am looking forward to most is going through our things and organizing them again.  I am a weird one, but I crave organizing.
While time is counting down, so is the need to keep on enjoying the beauty of the mountains and lakes in Utah and our precious family.


Erin the Mom said...

I'm so glad we get to enjoy you and your sweet family for a bit more before you go home. I just love being around you!

Jill T said...

I crave organizing too! We are kindred spirits my friend. I'm so excited for you to come home! You and Corinne look like twins btw--both beautiful!

Oh, and I am not closer to you, but it will take me less time to get to you if that makes sense. Can't wait to have you over!

Kate @SwimBikeQuilt said...

Are you guys back, yet? we missed you this summer. I need to put your blog on my reader :)