Monday, August 8, 2011

A different kind of workout

Over the past year (and then some), I have found it hard to muster up the drive to get out and exercise.  I have always been a big fan of getting out and burning some calories, it just feels so good.  I don't know why that spark has fizzled or plain just been put out.  
I knew that we would be walking a lot in New York, but I really didn't understand how physically demanding
living there would be.  I was forced to get some much needed exercise.
It was a very different kind of workout, everyday was different.  Each day was sure to include miles and miles of walking and pushing the stroller, which was a perfect introduction for my body to getting in shape.  
Not only was walking and strengthening my legs part of the package, oh no, there was a lot more included.
There were days when working out my arms was the main focus.  Days when the only way to get where we were going in a decent amount time, was to go down hundreds of stairs with stroller and toddler in tow.

Another great way to work out the arms was to be at a subway stop that didn't have an elevator.  Then you get to lift everything again and feel the burn as you walk up or down often several flights of stairs.
Luckily there were many times when I could opt out of this grueling part of the routine and let some New Yorkers help me.
Since being in Utah, I have had a new spark for making time to workout.  I recently read that to help motivate yourself to exercise, try thinking of it as "me" time.  Don't think about how there isn't time in the day, or that it's too early to get up, or that it's a drag to get out and move.  Look at the positive that you can be just with you and your thoughts and your music as you become healthier!  For some reason, this little thought of "me" time was just the right motivator.
My body has been thanking me for taking a healthier route and trying to get back into shape.  
Running among this has really helped for some of the motivation.
And the rainbow helped me get to the top of a hill without stopping one evening.
I also have to thank my awesome sister who should be a personal trainer.  She wanted me to run over 5 miles with her on Saturday and I told her I would really slow her down.  When I told Adam I was going to go with her he jokingly (but somewhat seriously) said, "Did you tell her you might die?"  
Well I went, and here I am sitting with sore legs which feels divine, and I am not dead.
I know I slowed her down and my lungs were hating life, but we conquered steep hills that I would have given up on and we talked and enjoyed our early morning run.  
Erika plans to keep me pumped and make those hills not burn so bad.


Jill T said...

I'm so proud of you! You've motivated me now--thank you. I can't wait for you to come back! Behrad and I are already planning a pool day with you if you feel up to it when you return!

Morgan & Geoff said...

Lady, are you in Bountiful? And I'm pretty sure I saw your sister running on Bntfl Blvd on Saturday, but she was so focused as she ran up the hill by North Canyon Park I couldn't get her attention!

Erin the Mom said...

I am so jealous that you have an Erika. I want one! I could so use a trainer, or at least a friend to help motivate me. I like the "me" time idea. That will help.

Here And Happy! said...

You inspire me. From now on I'm going to think about raising my massive Relief Society arms to put cereal in my mouth as "me time"! Really, I look at your young, fit body and think that some people are just lucky. I forget that maybe even you have to work at it. Love the nature pictures. Those are motivating.